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Where are the rules covering swimming? - Arafelis

I dunno, man. Where are the rules covering flying bonsai gardens? - willows
Probably in the Haslanti splat. No, seriously- how fast do people swim? What Ability covers it? etc. - Arafelis

Well, the Ability that covers it is pretty obviously Athletics. I can't find anything in the core book about swimming movement rates, and my copy of Savage Seas isn't handy right now (and probably doesn't have anything relevant anyway), but I'd put it at (Athletics) yards/turn or something like that. Just a suggestion.--MF

This is pissing me off now. I know there are swimming rules. We've used them. But I can't, currently, locate them. They don't seem to be in Savage Seas, either, MF. All I can think of offhand is that the swiming speed for Mosok is specified in the Player's Guide, but they're aquatic so it would have been something of a more major oversight to leave it out. How troublesome. -- Vervain

Blood and Salt, maybe? --MF

Not there to the best of my ability to determine. - Arafelis

A quick search of the corebook suggests that it doesn't care about "just swimming" at all; it provides rules for treading water and for holding your breath. - w

There are swimming Charms in CB:N. They might provide explicit or implicit rules for swimming without them. _Ikselam

The Charms implicitly suggests that characters cannot swim at their 'normal movement speed.' - Arafelis
I can find at least 5 places where the rules talk about stuff that allows 'better' underwater movement, but not a thing about when your not using magic(Viridan Mantle:S&S, Gem of Aquatic Prowness:CB:D,Mosok:PG, Water Aspect Anima:E:DB, Swim Charms CB:N, not to mention stuff in the core under Endurance and Resistance about treading water and holding breadth) Many of these allow swimming at normal running speed, thus implying that it is less than that(obviously). .5 - .3 normal running speed seems reasonable? --FlowsLikeBits
I'd make it rely on Athletics checks but that would take too long. Walking speed, + the results of a Str + Athletics check to swim quickly, perhaps? Since apparently only magic users in Exalted swim? - Arafelis
Anyone know another WW game that uses the same movement formula? --FlowsLikeBits