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With the upcoming release of Exalted the Fair Folk (oh how I miss the name graceful wicked masks) I’ve been flicking through my exalted collection and brushing up on my fae knowledge. One phrase turns up time from time to time is that the fair folk breached the gates of creation. This got me to thinking is this just a turn of phrase or are there really a set of massive gateways standing at each of the elemental poles marking the edge of creation. I rather like the mental image of huge towering portals carved of solid jade that the armies of the fae had to pound their way through.

So what do you think are these ancient ruins out there lost in the middle marches or am I simply reading to much into what is after all just a few words?

I like the idea posited elsewhere -- possibly on the wiki -- that the gates _are_ the Elemental Dragons. Of course, huge gates at the edge of creation are also neat-o cool. -- JesseLowe
Ofcourse knowing that Gaia is a Primordial and the Dragons are her 'children' (third circle souls), it wouldn't be that much of a reach to assume that the gates (if they exist) are second circle souls of the Dragons. - Malikai
One of the neat things about Exalted is that all of these things could be true at the same time. -- JesseLowe
I see it like this: Entering 'Gateways of Creation' is equal to 'passing through the Gateway Nirakara'. Nirakara is even described as being 'the gateway between world and the wyld' (p148;Exalted:FF). If you assume this point of view then, yes there are gateways of sorts. When the Raksha don an assumption, they are passing through this gateway. - FrozenHermit
However, it is also a neat idea about the physical gates. All the waypoints of the different poles cojoining on one gateway which leads onto creation. Or perhaps like the gates of Yu-Shuan, there could be multiple gates around the border of creation. -FrozenHermit

Damnnn... I like this image... at the edge of Creation lies a massive wall of adamant with the great Wyld outside, and inside into the walls are massive gates over a good 500 yards tall and 300 wide, crafted of jade.

With the fey -literally- mounting an epic invasion of Creation, breaking down the gates, over-running the ramparts of Creation after the dragonblooded soldiers who man those walls died of the Contagion.

And now, 800 years past the contagion and fey invasion, the mighty walls of creation lie in ruins and the gates are wide-open with no one manning them save Fey warriors. ~ Haku

Keeps the lunars busy, I suppose. Perhaps creation could be built like Yu-Shuan, with a dome for a sky and all, suspended in a primordial soup; AKA: The Wyld. Kind of reminds me of Autochthonia. You could even have the Wyld leaking in, etc etc. (You see where I am going with this?) - FrozenHermit

I actually based a campaign off this idea. I didn't develop it that much, unfortunately, due to other in game events being distracting and me loosing the plot alittle, but anyway. The Wood GAte, which was the only one the PCs saw, was a massive ring of green jade that sat in a cathedral of kilometre tall trees, and was basically a direct line to the deep wyld, when it was open. I think it was sealed by a (now fraying) Solar Circle Spell. - Kraken