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Can you countermagic countermagic? ie, if I have ISB on (raised it an hour ago)and a DB sorceror tries to countermagic it, can I use the personal shield effect of Emerald Countermagic to block it? would I need a higher circle? (Celestial to counter the DB) It seems like it should work, but then again it also seems a bit cheap... opinions? ~MessiahOfEndings

In a pure opinion sense, I'd say yes, it should work. As for if it does or not in the rules, I'm not certain either. I see no 'cheapness' in it, as you're clearly spending motes, willpower, and an action to keep that ISB up, and that's fair. You're countering his spell, after all. -- GreenLantern

I don't know about the rule but I use did it in my game. Use the same level - Emerald to Emerald - and roll an opposed Wits + Occult. The counter is canceled only if you win (not on tied). Personaly I would add that a higher level automatically succeed over a lower one. Black Angel