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As mentioned on my page TransformingAlchemicals, I'm a bit stuck for ideas on how to model it.

I'm considering a DBT style transformation where the alchiemcal pays for the differnt form using mutation points, but that leaves some questions.

  • How do we handle charm slots or charms that can only be used in one form.
  • what about forms that have artifact weapons built in. If an Alechemical changes into a warstrider with essence cannons, should they cost a charm, or do we simply force the Alchemical to buy them as per the artifact background?

One of the things I used when working out my own system was in fact quite similar to DBT. A base-charm, such as "Transformation-Gear Engine" or some such, that has numerous and simple benefits. Then, entire charm trees that have the keyword "Transformed" or some such, that requires you to be transformed to use. Those charms are often more powerful than normal charms, and reflect larger scales. At the same time, your normal charms still work, just without any significant benefit, other than the fact that your attributes are probably through the roof. Going with artifacts isn't really appropriate, as Alchemicals can already install artifacts into their charm slots, and call them charms, in some sense. (Using the artifact background to buy extra charms is a valid action). Using your XP for transformed-charm-slots is pricey in the long run, but as each one is generally quite powerful, not a horrible idea, I'd think. Most Gundam-style things really only have 3 or so large-scale charms: Flight, A big sword, and a big gun. Everything else is just a small-scale charm used by a big robot. -- �GreenLantern