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Why does Amazon suck with Exalted books? What stores don't suck?


Here in Sweden it's becoming harder and harder to get newly released Exalted books quickly. I'm beginning to think noone plays RPGs here anymore... ;_; Kids these days. Anyway, Amazon (both US and UK) seems to becoming slower and more unreliable with Exalted books too. I remember stumbling one or two big comic/game stores in NY that claimed to have good international shipping, but I can't remember their names. Anyway, this is supposed to be a page to keep an updated list of cheap, reliable places to get Exalted books, with comments and tips. Resplendence

Im' in glasgow. so.. either a place called static, that gets them in 2 days after the release date, and keeps them in stock, or Dragon and the George, which usually gets them in within a week. Both places will order on request for free, quite happily. Sometimes I use amazon.co.uk. It all depends on my mood... - Molikai

If you're in the UK, I recommend Orc's Nest (www.orcsnest.com). They're based in London, but ship all over. I find them reliable and fast (got Alchemicals the day after I ordered it.) - Falcon

I don't know about Orc's Nest online ordering but they're an excellent store in general (my local one). Recommended for anyone who can get to it, and apparently anyone in the UK in general for online ordering, to judge by Falcon's experience. I also know of a couple of good stores in Paris, I'll check shortly and see if they do online ordering (they have books in English as well as in French, get new books fairly quickly, and may still have some out of print ones kicking around as many people in Paris do buy the French version, even though a large part of the gaming community seems to be bilingual. ;) ) -- Vervain