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Before you ask your question here, or in fact before you make or edit any pages, please please read TextFormattingRules and BestPractices. Your questions are probably answered there and you will also learn how to use ExaltedWiki without stepping on anyone's toes.

Got WikiQuestions? Get WikiAnswers!

Question the first: What happens if someone else is in the middle of a lengthy edit and I hop onto the same, yet-unedited page, perform a quick edit and save it before she's finished? Is my stuff gone when he saves his new version? Is his stuff ignored because I began my edit later?

No. UseModWiki behaves intelligently and presents you with an opportunity to merge the two forks. -- Mapache

Question the second: Is it possible to upload an image to the wiki?

You would either need to host your image somewhere else, and link it here, or else get DaveFayram to host it on his server (in which cases you'd still need to link it). I am aware of no way to just freely upload anything besides text to the wiki.\\ _Ikselam

UseModWiki has the functionality to allow uploads of images and other files via a web browser, but this is disabled by default, and this site seems to stick to that. There are, of course, many good reasons not to allow random people to upload large files full of arbitrary content to your server. -- Mapache

Question the third: I've been thinking of restructuring my content, moving things to different pages, that sort of thing. When I do this some pages may no longer have any content because I've moved it elsewhere. Should I just leave them unloved and unlinked? What's the best way to handle it?

Empty pages (such as ones whose contents have been moved elsewhere) can be made to point to a different page by setting the top (and only) line of the old page to #REDIRECT NewPageName. That way any links you are unaware of that have sprung up can be redirected to wherever the info is now stored - CorlanDashiva

One important think to realize about #REDIRECT is that the target pagename should never be in double brackets, even if it would normally need double brackets to show up as a wiki link. So #REDIRECT [[Charms]] would be invalid and show up as a numbered list, but #REDIRECT Charms would redirect you to the page named Charms.\\ _Ikselam

Question the fourth: Would it be possible to make a page that lists people who viewed any page in the last half an hour? This would function like a "whose online" list so that you know if anyone is likely to pay attention if you update, and also might be used to see how popular your page is (outside of them making comments, which appears to be how it works). And if this is possible and easy but you're not going to do it anyhow, why? <interested>

Simply put, no. :) UseModWiki isn't designed for it. However, BurningWiki is going to run the gamut of interactive features. Although I'm not sure that such a feature would be all that useful, since I think that Who's Online features are deceptive. I'm still ambivalent about "one account per member" models for a Wiki, since I think it might take away some valuable draws... Also, it's not really about competition :) Why would you like these features?
The other thing, the rating system, is probably doable. I'll look into it. But it wouldn't be terribly accurate. -- DaveFayram

It's not about competetion. It's a tool. I use those things for my own websites to see what people like the most so I can make more of it. Besides, there's no reason to limit things to one user in order to do any of the things I suggested. Also I don't really think a "5 star" rating system is necessary, probably not what I want anyhow, because people abuse that and the comment system is just as good, and not every page needs to be rated, anyways.

Question Is there any way of getting html anchors to work within the wiki? - NightRain \\ Answer: Yes, but I won't enable them. They'll only make an even bigger mess. Already I regret allowing spaces in links and enabling NonWikiWords as links. I think these practices can be ConsideredHarmful. More directly, I think the minute you need this feature you either should contemplate a page split, a page subdivide, or simply ReFactor your page to be more compact and readable. -- DaveFayram

Question: What would be the proper way to organize a pair of Charm trees from different abilities that converge into a single tree of multi-ability Charms? The initial Charms are single-ability-- our current Charm pages are organized by ability. - TheMyriadOfShades \\ Answer: Organize by whichever ability the Charms are more focused on. Simply have the one-ability charms under their proper abilities, then the multi-ability charms under whichever they most fit. And link between when citing prereqs. - Telgar

Question I am trying to create a Homicide- Life on the Street style board for my City Watch game- ChalkBoard - Is there any way to format the Wiki so I can have an Excel style headings running along the top (Case Name, Victim, Crime, Suspect, Status) and then have the details for each case in cells below the appropriate heading? Many thanks, SJE

Best you can do is make tables, using || to make cell boundaries. Check it out in TextFormattingRules. There isn't an automagical way to do it. - willows

Question Thank you for the 4 Willows. I'm happy with the cells now- but what is the code to change the colour of text? e.g. blue & red? SJE

Question Why do I not seem to be able to edit the RecentChanges page? Is it to do with the 'minor revisions' quirk of the Wiki? ScrambledValkyrie

You should be able to edit the top of the page, but you can't edit the actual tracked changes. There's no reason for users to have to edit those, and it could cause unnecessary issues if they were able to, so the system logs the tracked changes and you don't get no say in how it does so beyond marking them "minor" or not.
~ Shataina

Ahh. No real way for me to make a comment on a change, then? Not that I need to. :)

Comment on the page in question, and put your comment in as a summary? Then it shows up on recent changes... not sure that's quite what you were looking for though.
-- Darloth

Yep. The summary's what I meant. ^^

Question: Is it possible to delete pages entirely or is redirecting the only option for empty pages?- Ambisinister

Redirect. Users can not delete pages. Xyphoid possibly could, but that's a bother. - Telgar

I can delete pages, and I believe I can autoprune empty pages, but I've been avoiding playing with that stuff. Will check it out. Also, if I don't respond to a question like this within a few days, I've probably missed it - ping me via email at xyphoid[AT], or via WoDIRC. I wonder if there's a patch for email notification of page updates, hm. -Xyphoid

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