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I read the grappling rules today. It is unclear to me if both opponent takes strenght + 2 in damage in a clinch, or only the character that initsiated it does the damage. -Trueform

Nope. Both take the Strength +2 Bashing damage, if the winner of the clinch-off wants to deal damage. Thus, really strong and tough guys far much better in wrestling. - DS

As i was thinking then. Both get the damage. But does this damage ignore armor?

Maybe this was just an in-house rule, but I recall that your options for clinching are either a) do damage, b) end the clinch (assuming you're the loser). Meaning you can either try and escape, and possibly take damage, or do damage to the bastard that grabbed you and 'convince' him to drop the clinch. - EJGRgunner

Yeah that is exactly how it is EJGRgunner. Either do STR+2Bashing or try to escape. While escaping, you don't do damage to the opponent, but the opponent trying to prevent you from escaping is doing damage while resisting. ... thus, if you can't handle yourself in a clinch - dont get into one in the first place!! Lol :) - tld

Noone has yet said whether this ignores armour. Personally, I think it should not ignore armour, as one of the things Super Heavy Plate should be really good at is not collapsing when someone grabs it and squeezes.
However, I have serious problems with the grappling and closecombat rules in general. They don't address -nearly- enough of the situations... grappling is either holds, in which noone does damage, or clinches, which seem to be two people grabbing each other in a bear hug and squeezing. There are no rules for weapon entanglement, and the rules for tripping/other things tend to be trivially easy to prevent.
- Darloth

It depends on if you're using power combat or not, if you are, grappling damage is done by the person in control (which can be either after it's started) and it's piercing damage (so ignores half armor, like target arrows). Also, damage has become (Str + extra successes). - haren

Hmm... That's much better. I really need a copy again (Borrowed it the first time, so I can't remember all of the rules.) Thankyou for the clarification.
- Darloth