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I'm about to start playing a new 2E game, and I'm interested in playing a character with soak and hardness as a key point. Hardness, canonically, is a "Max" function, counting only the highest value. At the same time, I'd like to get a Solar with hardness approaching 12, which pretty much requires additive hardness. Does anyone know of any 2E canonical ways to get hardness boosters, such as spells that add to existing hardness, charms, etc? -- GreenLantern

Five-Dragon Invulnerability and Perfection of Earth Body are both written in such a way as to imply that they increase existing Hardness rather than necessarily creating new Hardness ratings. Earth Dragon Form might also be interpreted that way, but is less clear. - Hapushet, placing text rather dramatically over intent, I think

Incomparable Body Arsenal will get you a hardness of 10L/10B, Invulnerable Skin of Bronze will get you 6L/12B. Combo'd with a Gemstone of Adamant Skin (hearthstone 4, convert raw damage from lethal to bashing) will that will get you your hardness of 12. And of course, who can forget super-heavy plate. Beyond those, and Hapushet's suggestions, I can't think of any other canon effects that'll get your hardness above 8. -Ambisinisterwho can easily think of some non-canon means of doing what you seek

Both excellent suggestions, actually. Quite nice! I applaud your knowledge. I'll look into the MA trees you mentioned, Hapu, as well as picking up a Gemstone of Adamant Skin - I had noticed the sorceries, but hadn't thought to convert lethal to bashing. -- GreenLantern