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Has anyone successfully merged the Mail and Steel rules with the naval combat rules in Savage Seas? It seems that using the M&S rules for boarding combat would aid in keeping the rules bloat down.

Any suggestions? I'll post ideas as I come up with them for my campaign. -- JesseLowe (Jan. 3, 2005)

The rules in SavageSeas are pretty vague... The main thing they do is give rules for arrow swarms and seige weapons... MailAndSteel does this as well, but slightly differently. I think it's your call... I've no idea how to get the ship, standing fire, and sail damage rules integrated with M&S, but I'd love to hear about it if anyone else does. There's a sandship in my campaign, and although is has yet not ever been fired upon, some sort of sensible system would be nice... I'll see if I can think of anything.
-- Darloth