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This came up in a TT game last night.. we all know the basics of the immaculate faith, and have a fair idea of the catechisms the immaculates will teach. But for your average Joe, what do they know of the Usurpation? For that matter, what do historical texts call the Usurpation? It's unlikely they will call it 'the Usurpation', given the associations tied with that word. For that matter, how much does your average peasant know about the anathema? Compared with your average dragon-blood, or an immaculate? What is common knowledge and belief? or, to give an example: Let us say your party comes across a room, marked with blasphemous iconography depicting anathema heroes, emblazoned with the symbols of the anathema, and with a blood-stained altar in the centre of the room. What would run through their mind? Does anyone have any ideas towards a baseline of knowledge? - Molikai


Your common man even without having to be a believer in the Immaculate Teachings have more then enough old legends and tales to have a good idea about things. The Anathema are horrible demons who once ruled the world but were overthrown by the DragonBlood who now rule on the Blessed Isle and who hunt them whenever they show their faces now. The Anathema do typical evil things. They sell their souls for power, trade in tasty babies with demons, sacrifices, murder, rape, etc etc. -BogMod

To bring up Godwin's Law, I tend to assume that everyone knows they're bad. You know, like Nazi's. I've never met a Nazi, but if I see a room with paintings of Hitler and the SS, and swastikas everywhere, and I see a bloody altar, well, you can imagine that I'd expect it's just par for the course. They are Nazi's, after all. Me, I don't know how good their planes were, or their guns, or anything. And really, 90% of the time, they acted just like normal people. It's that 10% that you worry about. Luckily, our Allied saviors came, and fixed everything up, and yup, it's great that America is the new world "superpower". No, I'm not being oppressed by the corporate machine. You can also analogize to the cold war, and recognize that everyone knows communism is bad, just like worshiping the UCS is bad. I mean, yeah you've got this guy claiming it's not bad, and that communism is great, and that by working together, we can feed all the people, and right all the wrongs, but we know that's just BS, right? I mean, communism could never work, and our capitalist overlords will squash that pinko commie bastard just as soon as I report him to the authorities. It's not 100% correlation, of course, but it is helpful to remember the kind of deep-rooted distrust and fear that the average 1960's American would have of people spouting communism and wearing swastikas. -- GregLink, simply having to submit to Godwin's law.