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My god. It's like I woke up this morning and found myself in fifth grade. What the hell is going on with the wiki lately? I'm totally expecting the teacher to come by any minute and hand me a juice box.

Talking about someone's mother? Calling someone a whore? Adding the word "poop" to someone's name? Gratuitous use of the word "ass?"


I guess there have to be idiots everywhere (or as is probably the case here, one really big idiot who logs out and then logs in under random psuedonyms, or doesn't log in at all), but it makes me sad that they found us here. I mean, yes, I have nothing better to do than to post my random ideas about a game on a website; however, I'd say that's at least one step up the evolutionary chain from someone who has nothing better to do than mock people who do that.

There needs to be some sort of WikiAccountability-- I dunno, maybe a WikiCouncil or something, some sort of TermsOfUse to keep prepubescent weirdos from changing random words to "poop" and giggling. It's irksome.

It's like.. see.. I grew up in Montana. And in Montana, for a long time, we didn't have a speed limit. Or rather, we did-- it was "Reasonable and Prudent." If there's no one on the road, you have good traction, good steering, and know what you're doing-- sure, go 90-100 MPH. If there's traffic or it's icy, or your car isn't that responsive to quick maneuvering, go slower. It was simple. It worked really well. But eventually, someone who had a POS car and was going over 100 sued the state because he got a speeding ticket. And the "Reasonable and Prudent" speed limit was thrown out as being unconstitutional.


Because rules aren't made for people who understand the words reasonable and prudent.

Up until now, everyone on the wiki has had an IQ greater than that of a carpet shag. Now, however.. It's time for some rules.

Hey there. Unsure if you're looking for commentary, apologies if you aren't; and I agree that there's a level of immaturity goin' on that I don't want to touch or comment on or anything like that, and it's no good. But I'm not sure that making rules is the best way to do anything ... rules, in my experience, tend to lead to a lot more officiousness, nastiness, and general idiocy than lack of them ever does ... and it seems like it'd kinda be going against the whole community feeling, you know? And ... nothing makes people act like children as much as, well, being treated like children.
~ Shataina
PS: I didn't know that about Montana. I have a whole new respect for that state now. :)

Heh. I respect your opinions and don't mind your comments. :) I'm not calling for anything like the UCMJ here, just something like, "hey, don't be an asshat, if you are, bad things will happen to you." I've never been big on laws and rules and regulations-- again, probably my Montana mentality, since the place is probably the largest concentration of Republican environmentalists in the country (which is amusing, since its population is so small), but I don't believe that anything should be regulated any more than is absolutely necessary. I just happen to think it's swiftly becoming necessary, is all. There's been talk of moving to a different wiki and leaving the asshats behind, and-- well-- I'd hate to give up on this one so soon. --dissolvegirl

It's been my reply in responce to the discussions of packing up and moving that it won't really help the matter, anyway, except at best as a temporary solution. Because no matter where you go, the asshats will find you. Though I also have to admit to being very wary when it gets into discussions of councils and rules and such, just because I've seen such things become overly draconic and tyrannical, which in the end becomes just as damning as letting the asshats play. Just my 2 cents. - Ashande

I think the main problem right now is that the asshats ARE just going wild and playing around at whim. While rules and order can cause problems, on this I agree (I've seen enough examples of it myself), the fact of the matter is we need something. Otherwise we'll all just drift off, loosing interest, leaving the wiki to my smelly colleague. -- CrownedSun

Yeah ... how is everyone going to effectively move wikis without most everyone knowing where the new wiki is? And why wouldn't the asshats follow?
What kind of consequences were you thinking for people who would be asshats? I guess ... what kind of consequences can we consider?
~ Shataina

Dave can impose any consequences he can enforce. The internet is, governmentally, at a stone age level. He who controls the food/water/shelter/wiki-access makes the rules. He's a despot (though, so far, an extremely benevolent one.  :P). As far as solutions, well, I favor making the wiki read only except to authorized IPs. Anybody who wants to post can drop an e-mail to dave, and in a day or two, they'd be good to go. But it would keep spontaneous idiots in check. I'm not even sure if ths is possible. Dave is, ultimately, the one who will have to decide what, if any, rules are established on the wiki. Even if he lets us decide, it's still just happeneing by his sufferance. - Scrollreader

Perhaps I should have phrased my question more obviously: by what kind of consequences can we consider, I meant what kind of consequences can he enforce. So are IPs the only thing he can control / ban / whatever? I'm assuming yes, but it's been a long time since I did anything to do with computers.
~ Shataina