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Level 5

The Archangel's Voice - Orichalcum - Andrix 
A point grand daiklave tied to the destiny and essence of its wielder
Bear God Hand - None - Capric 
Bringing apocalyptic beatdowns.
Beaten Silver Deliverance - Moonsilver - CrownedSun 
Dire lance that can change into a longspear and javelin, plus other powers.
Blades of the Sky - Moonsilver, Orichalcum, Starmetal - Tardach 
Daiklaive AND Sword Breaker of ownage that incorporate multiple material bonuses at lowered attunement costs.
The Bow of Dusk and the Obsidian Quiver - Soulsteel - Jai 
Bow that fires arrows that strike vulnerable areas and inflict combat penalties on a successful hit; powers are granted when opponents are slain.
Cael`Thal - Orichalcum - CrownedSun 
Daiklave that can be used with multiple Dawn abilities, plus extra powers.
Cat of Two Tails - Moonsilver - Dorchadas 
Pair of lightning chains that can alter speed, defend the wielder, and do aggravated damage against creatures of the Wyld.
Celestial Dias Of Precipitory Vengeance - Starmetal - DeathBySurfeit 
A levitating battle-shrine used to muster martial weather against the foes of Heaven.
Chains Of Fate Descending - Starmetal - FrivYeti 
A powerful tool of Destiny.  : .
Cloak of Blades - Any Magical Material - EndlessChase 
A set of five magical blades which can take action on their own or be wielded as normal.
Coldstone Mace - White Jade - Telgar 
Mace that is strong against magic, doing perfect attacks against magic constructs and helping to parry magical attacks.
Death's Eye - None - Capric 
Sunglasses that give mystic death perception.
The Five Majestic Stances of All Creation - all - Scytheus 
The ideal daiklaves to which all others aspire.
Death Flies On Swift Wings - Jade - Ascendance 
The perfect assasin's bow.
Dream - Starmetal - Arafelis 
Virtue maniuplating sword.
Dreams of Shalados - Soulsteel - CrownedSun 
Daiklave that grants various powers over the dead; whispers.
Ender's Shadow - None - Epsilon 
Blade that causes aggravated damage and boosts the wielder every time he kills.
Enlighted Daughter of the Thousand Blades - All - VelZiliuse 
It was to be a daughter, a lover and a sword.
The Eye and the Fang - Orihalcom - Ambisinister 
A potent sword and board set, forged from the remains of a mighty First Age Weapon. .
Fealty - Orichalcum - Grypph 
Scimitar that can burn people to ash with the power of the sun.
FirstTsurugiReforged - Moonsilver - MelWong 
A somewhat-broken moonsilver daiklave inspired by the antics in FFVII: Advent Children. Yes, it's six swords in one!.
Fist of the Bear King - Moonsilver - Capric 
Gauntlets that let you lift and smash the crap out of most anything.
Five Ensui Swords - Jade - BrilliantRain 
Five elemental swords.
Fivefold Fundamentals of the Prismatic Arsenal - Orichalcum - Capric 
Grand daiklaive that shifts between magic metals and has varied assortment of powers.
Flowerstrider - Moxiane  
A First Age warmachine with unusual traits.
The Flying Crane - Telgar 
A Powerbow made in the form of a crane that can transform arrows into magical origami birds with unique powers.
Foundation Staves - Moonsilver - CrownedSun 
Two (separate) staves that can boost the wielder's magical capabilities.
The Fourfold Channels: Despair, Innocence, Anger, Freedom - None - Capric 
An artifact which gains power from the destruction of self.
Gossamer Queen - Jade - MageDragon 
A Green Jade relic handed down the V'neef line, it is a powerbow of many talents, suited perfectly to the multi-faceted talents of the young guns of house V'neef.
Grace of the Slain - Orichalcum - Moxiane 
Long powerbow that can strike and permanently destroy dematerialized spirits.
Hatnu Agata - White Jade and Soulsteel - Caelene 
A pair of revolvers charged with the Essence of the Underworld : .
Hungry For War - Orichalcum - Malikai 
Long powerbow
Kanamtar - None - Caelene 
A reaver Daiklaive made from a Yozi's bones : .
Last Rose of Cecelyne - Geen Jade - DarkPhoenix 
A powerful Green Jade powerbow with deep-seated, and unexplained, ties to the fury and tranquility of Gaia.
Lokadvara, The Key of Heaven - Starmetal - Caelene 
A dire lance which allows its bearer to better use the Heavenly Gates.
Loginius, the True Spear - Starmetal - FrivYeti 
A dire lance forged from a weaver of the Loom, an extension of its user and sower of occasional chaos.
Longinus, the Star which Denied Heaven - Blue Jade & Starmetal - ArabianNinja 
A weapon forged from the long dead god of destructive storms and her fallen weapon.
Luna's Claw - Moonsilver - Blackedout 
Glaive that can make special ranged attacks, barriers, and reduce the cost of Full Moon charms.
Masamune, Bushido Blade - Orichalcum - DarkPhoenix 
A blade of great good, capable of great evil, that must never be raised in anger, lest it's user fall from their true path.
Muramasa, Tenchu Blade - Orichalcum - DarkPhoenix 
A blade of great evil, capable of great good, that can only be safely weilded by a master who can control the blade, and by that extension, themselves. .
Mender - Starmetal - EndlessChase 
Blade that alters fate by healing the target by the same amount it would have damaged them as rolled.
Mercy's Fury - None - Shataina 
A katana with a heart of her own, Mercy's Fury takes umbrage when others lack sympathy and seeks to change their hearts by force -- often successfully. (Senses Compassion score of others; senses when others need help; can inflict aggravated damage on beings with less than 2 Compassion or permanently raise their Compassion with a successful attack).
Mute Requiem - Soulsteel - Ikselam 
Grand daiklave surrounded by a sphere of silence that sucks in essence from all around and destroys it forever.
Orichalcum Rose Of War - Orichalcum - MeiRun 
A weapon in the shape of an orichalcum rose.
Pandemonaic Mistress - Moonsilver - Capric 
Scythe which brings bloodshed and madness to all.
Reaver of Dreams - All - EndlessChase 
Gauntlet that can disrupt sorcery, charms, and essence; can drain artifacts of their magic.
Perthion - Orichalcum - Gtroc 
Sword that creates unstaunchable wounds.
Regret In Alabaster - Orichalcum - Teflonshugenja 
A sword that can shatter illusion.
Suntooth - Orichalcum - CrownedSun 
Katar with fire based powers.
The Sorrows of Stillborn Children - Soulsteel - EndlessChase 
Daiklave that destroys life itself by making all who touch it unable to give birth to live children.
Snarl of Unfolding Brass - None - Capric 
Artifact Sai that hits with the churning force of a layer of Malfeas.
Sparrow's Fall - Starmetal - Ambisinister 
A driving blade built from the remains of a First Age Weapon, users who bind the blade to a task become unstoppable.
Sunflare Hammer - Orichalcum - BrilliantRain 
Hammer and bazooka.
Sun's Searing Sting - Orichalcum 
Deadly spear.
Split Synapse Visor - None - Capric 
Visor that takes the user's reflexes and focus to the next level.
The Sweet Kiss of Ruin - Soulsteel - Ambisinister 
A sinister pair of razorclaws crafted from the pieces of a broken First Age Weapon, they inflict a self destructive euphoria on their victims..
Sword of the Unconquered Light - Orichalcum - Fifth 
Reaver daiklave that can only be used by Solars; cuts through parries, destroying weapons and armour. Second Edition writeup.
Strength of Sun's First Light - Orichalcum - SolVachel 
Grand Daiklave with Piercing Damage, an auto-disarm effect, and the ability to turn into Pure Light, ignoring all defenses.
Talon of the Violet Maiden - Starmetal - TheMyriadOfShades 
Slender Grand Daiklave of special use to Violet Bier of Sorrows martial artists; turns the wielder into a whirling dervish.
The Living Weapon - Moonsilver - Tiffa 
A moonsilver blade that swallows the natures of weapons it strikes.
Tongue of The Cobra That Strikes Without Warning - Orichalcum - Darzoni 
A Serpent-Sting staff that is more useful when used with Snake Style Martial Arts.
Tooth and Nail - Moonsilver - EndlessChase 
Twinned grand daiklave and short daiklave that can ignore natural soak and disrupt charms.
Transcendent Glory of Dawn, the Keening Edge - Orichalcum - Ikselam 
Weapon forged against the fair folk; can cause mass disarms; sings a song of sadness; can lash out in a rage.
Ultimate Weapons - Various - Moxiane 
A collection of 5-dot weapons.
Vendetta - Orichalcum - Mailanka 
Reaver daiklave whose true power only shows when a vendetta is declared and a permanent Willpower point is spent.
Victory's Price - Orichalcum - Mailanka 
Blade that grants great power to those in love, yet also has the dark power of being able to destroy anything.
Warp and Weft - Starmetal- Ambisinister 
A pair of daggers created by the Maidens themselves for use by their favored Chosen.
Weeping Willow - Green Jade - FluffySquirrel 
Long range bow with poisoned arrows, prized by snipers and assassins alike.
Will of Power - Red Jade - Alicrast 
A 5 rating Grand Daiklave Artifact plz comment I require balance.