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Plans and Plots

  • Adapt Exalted to the World of Darkness (Storytelling system). (In Progress)
  • Torment players in my d20 Future campaign.


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Campaign Ideas

Feel free to steal these.

Exalted: The Storm in Heaven
In the days predating the First Age, there was a war the likes of which would never be seen in Creation ever again. A war between the armies of the Gods and the innumerable hordes of the Primordials. Vast legions clash upon distant battlefields to decide the fate of Creation, entire regions laid to waste in the battles fought. Into this epic era come the Exalted, Champions of the Gods, the Heroes of Creation. Will you lead mankind and its allies to victory over the tyrranical Titans, or doom them all to extinction? What legacy will you forge?


Darzoni/NationOfTheSun Darzoni/CreationOfErrors


Feel free to put your own thoughts and responses to these. These are my own questions I've thought of, so... they may be silly or weird. Or add your own questions.

  • Where do the souls that Autochthon consumes go?
Being a being who probably helped invent (if not invented) the workings of Creation, Autochthon probably does not consign consumed souls to Oblivion, such a thing would threaten Creation eventually. Instead, I think they're sent off to Lethe to be reincarnated in Creation. -Darzoni
I see the souls as being ground-down and digested and well, shat out by Autochthon, creating soulsteel weapons, and soulsteel Alchemical shells. But that's just how I bothered explaining how an entire caste of Alchemicals could exist for a magical material that's reliant upon the Underworld existing, which hasn't been suggested exists with Autochthon - Patkin
Good point. For that matter, where are the Autochthonians getting their magical materials from? My only guess is that the materials come from veins like the food and water does, since cannabalizing existing structures in Autochthon for them seems out of character for the Autochthonians. -Darzoni
I'd guess that the veins get resupplied by Autochthonian prayers, much like prayer in Creation gets turned into Quintessence and Ambrosia in Yu-Shan. - Quendalon
I think Autochthon is probably a closed system. He started out with a certain amount of each MM, and recycles with close to 100% efficiency. I also think Autochthonian soulsteel is different in character from Abyssal soulsteel; it almost certainly is made of soul-shavings whittled from reincarnating Autocthonians, as opposed to ghosts alloyed with Underworld basalt/marble/whatever. _Ikselam
  • Has it occurred to anybody that the Games of Divinity that the Celestial Incarna are addicted to is actually the Exalted gameline?
This idea actually gets brought up pretty reliably every time the nature of GoD is discussed on the WW boards.\\


Booyah! So I'm not the only crazy guy to think of it. -Darzoni
I like to think what the incarna are playing is everquest. Think about it: the game is addictive, inherently elitist, and takes all your time, keeping you inside (the jade pleasure dome/your house) when you should be outside (saving creation/having a life). It also tends to explain the ways some of the individual gods act. The maidens are all smart and tricky, so they're computer people, with great platforms and amazing internet connections. That's why they leave the dome so rarely. Sol and Luna, on the other hand, have pretty shitty computers and connections - and are also more outdoorsy - so every now and then they get lag and their characters die or the whole thing crashes, so they go out and play frisbee, and while they're playing frisbee, they look down and see their little exalts running around.

This was meant in good fun. I have no intention of actually insulting people who play everquest. -Seraph

From Dictionary.com.
autochthonous- 1) Originating where found; indigenous. 2) Originating or formed in the place where found
I thought this would be an interesting thought, looking for the origins of Autochthon's name. -Darzoni (10/28/04)

I think it's a combination of Autobot (you know, from Transformers) and chthonic. Chthonic, btw, means of or relating to subterranean stuff. (slight paraphrasing.) Also chthonic sounds cool. Hence, Autochthon. Also, I think the Games of Divinity-Everquest Idea seems plausible, indeed probable. - Han'ya