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Exalted Artifacts: Level Five

by grypph

Artifact <b>•••••</b>
Commitment: 8m (+1HL per day)

Looking over the inhabitants of the bar, Emerald Radiance could just feel something going awry. In an instant all around him are screaming as an unidentifiable person goes streaking across the room toward the door faster than the eye can follow.

In an effort to judge the intents of this unidentified stranger in his city, Emerald Radiance takes off behind the fellow with his honor guard keeping pace beside him. Following the stranger to an alleyway Radiance suddenly gets knocked to the side as the now uncovered Abyssal takes a swipe at his head. Radiance motions back his companions who have him gripped tightly, "Leave him." To the Abyssal he says, "You wish to fight me? Fine. Behold the power of Fealty, Nightbringer!" And with that, he pulls a scimitar from his back in one fluid motion, grimacing in concentration as the blade slides out of its sheath. The alleyway lights up with emerald reflections from the golden blade. As the Abyssal moves to strike again, the weapon seems to draw more power and suddenly bursts into flame. A liquid flame.

In a simple sweeping gesture Radiance lops off the Abyssal's head and sidesteps the body as it disintegrates in a blinding flash of coruscating lights. Watching the body burn he turns to his guard.

"Let's go. I'm hungry."


Artifact Scimitar
		Spd	Acc	Dmg	Def	Rate
Normal:		+2	+5	+7A	+6	5
Power Combat:	+7	+5	+7A	+6	6 (5 + 1 Orichalcum)


  • Lvl 4: +3 Damage (and Agg), +3 Acc, +2 Speed, +5 Def, Melee +5, Dex +4.
  • Lvl 5: On an attack that successfully wounds the opponent, opponent must roll willpower against a difficulty of wielder's Essence or instantly turn into a pile of ash as the power of the sun held within the weapon fries their body to a crisp, perfect effect. (Once per turn).

Requires: Strength 2. ===== Comments/ Suggestions =====

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