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Hmmm... well, hello. Call me Tiffa. I'm a Graphic Design student from Colombia. I learned of Exalted thanks to some online friends, but only managed to get the core book until a year later or so... I like it quite a bit, really. Now if there was anybody in my country that played the game. Sigh.

Don't let the nick trick you though. Am a boy. The story behind the nickname is veeeery ancient... as in Diablo ancient.

I blame me getting a wiki on AntiVehicleRocket for the record!

- UPDATE: Changing some stuff, mostly the links to the stuff I have around.


Tiffa/DevilFruit - What can I say? I like One Piece, and I get bored easily.

Tiffa/Challenge - A random challenge for those that are bored enough.

Tiffa/Stormbringer - Small fiction, about the fall of a FA Solar...

Tiffa/Tarot - My own Exalted Tarot project.

Tiffa/FlawsAndMerits - New flaws or merits or simply changes to existing ones...

Tiffa/AlternateAlchemicals - Alchies are kinda wrong. Here's something different!

Underworld Dragon-Blooded - The experiment of a madman!

Whips - Hey! They are stunt-a-lishious! We need stuff about em!


Tiffa/TheLivingWeapon - Level 5. A Moonsilver weapon that has several shapes!

Tiffa/TheFaithfulTwinsOfTheMightySouth - Level 5, twin daiklaves, long dormant...

The Heart of the Storm - level 4 Daiklave, with the ability to bisect stuff GOOD.

Thunderbird's Wing - Level 4 grimcleaver. Big, BIG grimcleaver.


All the characters that are not for a running game are presented as starting characters. The exception to this isTiffa/TheWanderer . A few of the characters (likeTiffa/TheFairPriestess ) would be stronger by the time the canon timeline came to be. Of course, Deathlords are their own monsters.


Tiffa/FireAndIceSparrow - Half-fae Twilight Exalted.
- "Heeehee, you are a cute one. I could just eat you."

Tiffa/GentleAurora - Meek Zenith, and a Martyr to boot.
- "Um... no... sorry... I'm just a teacher..."

Tiffa/StarChaser - Eclipse Caste, and a girl with big dreams
- "I could have -sworn- firedust was going to work this time!"

Tiffa/SkyAndSevenStars - Ruthless southern merchant and damned wealthly Eclipse caste. 1000 XP solar. Yeek.
- "Well, I though we had a deal. Too bad you had to be greedy and break it. I suggest you begin running."

(name pending) - Not Jacky Chan Really. Dawn caste.
- "Nonono! I don't want any trouble!"

Tiffa/RFRioStorm - Version of Rio the Storm for Rising Force. High powered starting Solar!
- "Kill you? No, you must be confusing me with a mean Solar. I might just beat you senseless though."

Solar Circle

Tiffa/NillaWindwalker - Dawn caste, fierce barbarian from the north with a chip on her shoulder.
- "I may have made a promise of not killing for no reason, but keep talking and I'll be tempted to break it... along with your spine!"

Tiffa/RioTheStorm - Western woman, sailor, and Zenith caste. Unoficial leader of the circle, and bright and cheerful person in general... with a taste for pretty women.
- "Hey, come on, put that sword down. You are pretty cute, why don't I buy you a drink? Then we can spend time toguether in other ways..."

Tiffa/CynisBelarByanka - Somewhat bitter Dynast, great if temperamental doctor, Twilight.
- "Stop whining! It's your own fault for getting that arm broken in the first place! Now be quiet and let me set that back in place."

Tiffa/SilentLight - Fairly shy and mute Night Caste, former servant for a Cathak family
- "?"

Tal'na Nuba - Southern explorer and adventurer... who tends to get bored really easily. The Eclipse caste of the circle, and a woman willing to try anything.
- "... so there I was, in the bottom of these catacombs, and everywhere I looked it seemed as if a trap was ready to spring or the dead to rise... but nothing happened, it was kind of dissapointing. The treasure wasn't even that good!"


Tiffa/TheMaiden - First Abyssal character I've made. ANGSTY backstory and all! Full name is The Maiden That Devours Mankind.
- "..."

Tiffa/TheFairPriestess - Another Abyssal. Full name being The Fair Priestess Wreathed In The Scent Of Aconite and White Lilies.
- "Little brother, why do you cling to life while suffering so? Come, there is no suffering in the other world."

Tiffa/TheShadow - The Shadow of the Glorious Dead, Daybreak necromancer, and an insanely vain woman that wants to see Nexus razed to the ground.
- "It is at times like this when I wonder if I should have just died back there. Then I wouldn't have to suffer simpering fools like you. I thankfully won't have to suffer your whining much longer."

Tiffa/TheSpiderInDarkness - Day Caste, The Spider In Darkness and Agony. Hopefully, for Will's game, but I'm putting her up anyway :p
- "The question isn't 'will I live if I talk?'. What you should be worried about is 'how fast will I let you die'."

Tiffa/TheInvincibleGuardian - Dusk Caste, The Invincible Guardian in Bloodied Sands, servant of the Eye and Seven Despairs, and the first real angsty character I've made, I think :p
- "I have no reason to destroy your village if you let me be. Run, you are not my targets."

Tiffa/Ashiar - Ashi'ar, The INvincible Guardian of the Bloodied Sands. An alternate version of the Invincible Guardian, for an alternate setting game... and much darker than her counterpart.
- "For the Shattered Sun!"


Tiffa/TheWanderer - First Age Lunar, based on a character I've had floating around.
<i> - "Aah... that sounds familiar... I think..."

Tiffa/OneThousandWeapons - Full Moon Lunar with a nifty artifact.
- "What, over already? I'll be keeping this then!"

Tiffa/BrokenChains - No Moon, and One Thousand Weapons' twin sister.
- "There is no goal you cannot reach if you set your mind to it, but I wouldn't expect you to understand that."


Tiffa/RagaraKerzoro - Outcaste DB for Moxiane's Game. Fire aspect
- "Do not provoke my anger! The moment my sword is drawn, your life is forfeit!"

Tiffa/SesusMeladi - God-touched Air aspect Dragonblooded, daughter of a minor god of music.
- "Lala... la... lalala... la..."

Tiffa/TepetKoyi - Wood Aspect Warstrider Fangirl! 15 year old DB
- "Did you see it move? DID YOU? IT WAS SO COOL!!"

Tiffa/SesusArala - Young Dragonblooded trying to find her way... and escape a reputation she really hasn't earned.
- "I... ah... certainly have no recollection of doing anything like that..."

Shorty - Water aspect orphan, born and raised in Nexus. A damned tough kid who is not as smart as she thinks she is.
- "HEY! Keep your FUCKIN' HANDS to yourself or I'll rip 'em off!!"

Cathak Lenna - Young, Air aspected Dynast, with deep feelings for an Anathema...
- "I care not what the Immaculates say. She saved my life!"

Cathak Andoria - Older, more experienced Air aspect, Lenna's mother, masterful bureaucrat.
- "One word of advice. Next time, use a poison that doesn't emit these fumes. And remember boy... you owe me, and I intend to collect."

Cathak Namo - I confess, Kerzoro is loosely based on this guy! Andoria's older brother.
- "Oh! ... it's a monster!" *followed with a vase crashing into his head*

Cynis Kurara - Young fire-aspected Dynast... plaged by an ancestor ghost, much to her annoyance.
- "Dammit old woman! Why don't you go back and do whatever you dead people do!?

V'neef Mia - Young water-aspected Dynast. Brave! Adventurer! Of the sea! ... who is too cute for her own good.
- "I'm NOT A KID! I'm NOT CUTE! Draw your sword so I can kill you in fair combat before I lose my temper!


Tiffa/LuckyFoot - Country kid and Chosen of Journeys.
- "Don't worry! Leave it to me!"

Tiffa/LuviaStorm - Chosen of Serenity... whose daughter Exalts into a Solar. Fun!
- "Life is pleasure, and I intend to enjoy all of it!"

Tiffa/RFLuviaStorm - More experienced version of Luvia, for Rising Force
- "She's a WHAT?!"


Tiffa/TheFacelessDoctor - Mad doctor type, The Faceless Doctor In Oblivion's Madness.
- "No, no, no! That is not the proper way of amputating an arm. Allow me to demonstrate, I'm sure our patient won't mind if he loses both."

Tiffa/TheBloodiedPrince - The Bloodied Prince Bearing A Thousand Knives, handsome and nasty, a dangerous ghost with an ability none of his fellow deathlords expect...
- "Behold, for my beauty is the last thing you shall ever see again."

Tiffa/TheWoundedAbbess - The Wounded Abbess Whispering, an eternaly-bleeding woman who can starts wars with a single word in the appropiate ear.
- "Come, child. There is nothing to fear... yes, soon, you shall never have to fear anything again..."


Tiffa/Ambika - Mega Challenge character! A Deathknight's servant/follower.
- "Yes mistress. Yes mistress. I understand mistress. Should I begin cutting now? Of course mistress."


Lin Xiang - Ancient Dragon blooded ghost, from the end of the Usurpation era... trying to give advice to a reckless girl.
- "Things would be so much easier if you would -listen-!"


AntiVehicleRocket - Its her fault I got a wiki. Heeeeeer faaaaault! But she's cool.

Ben-San - And its -his- fault for getting me involved in Exalted in the first place. And he's very cool.

Will - I can probably blame him for -something-, but damned if I know what. Cool as well though!

DarkheartOne - Don't listen to him! He's crazy! And really nifty!


Might as well put this up :P - Tiffa

I'm sure there's probably people interested in playing if you could find them. I lived in Colombia for a year in the mid-eighties and managed to find role-players. (Though admittedly, half of them were from the US or Argentina. ^^;;; ) -- JohnBiles
Oh, I've found Roleplayers. I go out and do stuff every saturday. The problem is that: a) Most people play either D&D or WoD, b) There is basically no free time to even -make- a table, and c) I've yet to see Exalted in spanish, which means that many people won't be bothered to even buy it. Blarghness. - Tiffa
I have a pdf of the corebook in Spanish. Ask me in the mIRC chat room if you want it. - Seiraryu (Manu).

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is all. -- AntiVehicleRocket

Drive-by texting! HOOAH. - DarkheartOne

Hey Tiffa. I've browsed your characters' pages once or twice and I really like what you've come up with, the attention to detail... I tend to be more interested in the characters themselves than their stats/charms/etc., and you seem to be that way too. Makes me think we oughta talk more sometime! Maybe I'll poke you with a PM on IRC sometime. -- DarkSirenSally (Mieu on #wod)

I can't help but notice that you also have a Solar sailor woman :O - Tiffa

I <3 your deathlords, especially the Faceless Doctor. Gotta love Faust in deathlord form. ^_^ - Caelene

Yeah, that was pretty much the whole point with him XD ... need to come up with one more. - Tiffa