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Regret in Alabaster

Artifact •••••

The only heretofore rediscovered remnant of the First Age Solar general Orlane, Regret in Alabaster was forged in memory and tribute of his mortal love, Marbled Sky, who died of treachery at the hands of the jealous Lunar Waxing Moon named Five Faces Laughter. It was kept safe for over a millennium by Orlane's former lover Zefin, a Lesser Elemental Dragon and guardian of the Solar Temple at Starcleft.

Forged from steel alloyed with orichalcum and inlaid with white jade, Regret in Alabaster is a kingly weapon fit to be wielded by one of the Princes of the Earth. In the hands of a Solar who has harmonized his anima with the weapon, the Grand Daiklaive can shatter illusions and ward entire armies against assaults on their minds and sanity. It has a setting for a single Hearthstone.

Spd: +10, Acc +2, Dmg +11L, Def +0, Rate 3

(these are the artifact's base stats and do NOT include the orichalcum materials bonus)


I'll type up the full background story when I can find my notes on it. -- teflonshugenja