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Arafelis, Demon Saint.

It's a long story.

Arafelis/SteelDevilStyleRevision A revision of the Solar two weapon style, full tree.
Arafelis/MyTakes Opinions.
Arafelis/ImmortalTilDeath A chronicle idea, undeveloped.
Arafelis/OnGods An interpretation of their operation.
Arafelis/FourExalts Four Exalt types, four Virtues.
Arafelis/DeadlyBeastmanForm An almost complete revision of DBT's Gifts.
Arafelis/RevisedCasteAbilities Reassigned Solar Caste abilities.
Arafelis/Dream A ••••• starmetal daiklaive.
Arafelis/EndlesslyFlowingRiver A ••• moonsilver daiklaive
Arafelis/Beamklaves A different version of the weapon.
Arafelis/FairFolk My opinion thereof.
Arafelis/FFMA Kind of like Yo-Yo MA, only prettier.
Arafelis/EndOfTheWorld Dreams of destruction.