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Well, I guess now that I'm running a game again, I ought to blow the dust off the ol' Wiki and get some new content up here. Feel free to look around.

Who the heck are you?

I'm currently a graduate student at the University of California, Riverside, where I teach English composition. Between work and school, a lot of what used to be my free time gets eaten up, but I still find the time to run a semi-regular Solars game and occasionally play.

What're your geek credentials?

I've been roleplaying more or less constantly for the last decade and Storytelling for a hefty chunk of that. I started, like most of us in the hobby, with D&D but latched on to White Wolf almost as soon as it was introduced to me. When I discovered Exalted about four years ago it promptly replaced all other systems and settings as my Game of Choice, and I haven't looked back.

Your handle is weird. What's it mean?

I know it's weird. It's a gaming nickname my friends gave me after an old L5R tabletop campaign. Don't ask.


I'm hoping to make this section grow as time goes on, and my expertise with the Wiki (hopefully) increases. I'm planning on posting details about the campaign setting I have drafted up, and am still detailing, for my current Solars game. I'll also be posting/archiving other original content, including revisions of many of the published Charms, overhauled Martial Arts Styles, original Martial Arts Styles, and house rules. Much of it is for my own use, but if you find it interesting or useful, by all means help yourself.

Note: a lot of this stuff is old. Unless otherwise stated, assume everything here applies to the First Edition. I'll be trying to update bits and pieces as I can.

Campaign Stuff

A section for things related to the new campaign I'm starting up. Right now there's not much, but as I put more of my raw materials into organized form, more will appear here. At the moment, some relatively detailed character bios and a little setting info.

Teflonshugenja/SixBaronies - a.k.a. Barony, this is the setting I'm drafting up for the campaign, set in the Northeast.

Teflonshugenja/LegalCode - for the streamlined code handed down to Barony by its new Lawgivers.

Teflonshugenja/PlayerCharacters - for the main joes.

Teflonshugenja/KolanWarPlan - for Punslinger's game. Lots of crunch that won't mean anything to anyone who's not playing.

PCs and NPCs


Martial Arts Styles

For when you just can't have enough kung-fu. Right now this has a few custom Styles that I've designed. When I can find my notes on them, I'll also post revisions that my group has made to Snake and Mantis Styles.

MartialArts/CraneStyle3 - This was the first Martial Arts Style I drafted up, about a year ago. Apparently everyone and their brother has tried their hand at a Crane Style MA. I posted this one on the Exalted Compendium under the handle ferryman. It wasn't bad for a first draft, but it wasn't great either.

MartialArts/ResplendentCraneStyle - A hefty revision of my previous Crane Style Martial Art. I'm a lot happier with it.

MartialArts/ResplendentCraneStyle2 - RCS updated for the Second Edition. It's a little more streamlined.

MartialArts/FourRazoredVirtuesStyle - This is a high-Essence Martial Art that I designed for a friend of mine. It might be useful for a high-powered Solars game, but I mostly put it together as a theoretical exercise.

Teflonshugenja/MalachiteOrderofEmblemsStyle - My newest Martial Arts project. It's a Sidereal Style also known as Names Style. I'll be leaving it here to work on it until it's done, at which point I'll move it over to the MA page.

Teflonshugenja/SnakeStyleRevised - The Player's Guide improved Snake Style, but we didn't feel that it went far enough. This is an attempt to give the redheaded stepchild of Exalted Kung-Fu a makeover to allow it to compete with more recent Styles. Note that both this revision and Mantis Style, below, have not been linked to the Wiki Martial Arts page. This is not an accident - these revisions are house rules intended for our games, not as general changes intended for mass consumption.

Teflonshugenja/MantisStyleRevised - There was no excuse for how poorly executed CB:E's Mantis Style was. Really cool idea, bad implementation. Here's a revision of the Style so radical it's barely recognizable.

Teflonshugenja/MantisStyle2 - Another update for Second Edition. This one makes substantial changes to the previous revision.


Hooray for Second Edition! Hooray for improved Charms!

Teflonshugenja/HouseRules - for those few changes that still need to be made.
Teflonshugenja/NewCharms - exactly what it sounds like.


A few gadgets and gizmos that I've designed.

Teflonshugenja/WatersEdge - a Reaver that my character used during a summer campaign.
Teflonshugenja/RegretInAlabaster - I'm pretty happy with the story behind this one.
Teflonshugenja/Forever - yet another Daiklaive. I like 'em. Could you tell?
Teflonshugenja/BrilliantRain - a potent orichalcum powerbow.
Teflonshugenja/MirroredMajesty - a starmetal daiklaive

Friends and Allies

I've finally passed on the Wiki-bug, it seems. Here are links to the Wikipages of a few good gamers.

Lottelita - Not a player in MY games, but a friend. I claim indirect responsibility for afflicting her with the Exalted virus. Go me!

You can claim more than "indirect" responsibility -- it was hearing you and the lush discuss the game and your exploits therein that got me interested! Otherwise, I would have been like, "White Wolf? Gag me with a spoon!" - Lottelita

Grnegsnspm - One of my players, who's just getting started on the Wiki.

Punslinger - Author of the quasi-infamous Exalted Drinking Song, though he had some help from Grnegsnspm.

I too now seem to have a page. - Darkkling