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New to the wiki and just trying to get stuff up here for now. Be kind and forgive the mess!!

I'm a student from the UK who's been playing exalted more or less since the beginning and managed to wrack up a number of ideas and characters, some good some terrible, which I'll try and get up here. A big thank you to BogMod who's stuff I've linked to a few times on here. If you've not looked at his page yet you should, there's soooo much there and it's all worth looking at. Also to Enchantress who's a big help, runs a simply immense game, and has some really fun stuff on her page too.

Oh, and my spelling can be awful. Please please please correct any glaring mistakes I've managed to miss.





  • Cynis Tendo A morally upright Cynis who's run away from his house to become an immaculate
  • Valeren Nyssa A winged bodyguard still bearing the scars of her profession




Places, Setting, Etc.

Crunch and Rules


Hey and welcome to the Exalted Wiki! Enchantress

I second the welcomes - looks like you're off to a good start, and I look forwards to seeing more. :) That said, I do have a request. A bunch of us have been trying to make sure that pages get properly linked, so that people can find them. As it is, you've put up some neat stuff, but no one will ever be able to find it again. Could you see your way to adding links to your things in their appropriate places (adding a link for Joyous Sky in the Solar Characters section, for example)? We have a list of pages needing that in the Orphans page, and I noticed yours are starting to appear.
Anyway, I repeat the welcome aboard, and enjoy yourself. :D - FrivYeti

Thanks for the welcomes!! And sorry about the orphans, still trying to get my head around what needs to be linked where in this place. Should be sorted now. - Andrix

No worries, this wiki is big and poorly organized; it takes a lot of getting used to. Hence the UserFriendlyCategories project in the first place. And many thanks! - FrivYeti