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My second artifact, lost the write up on the first one.

Luna's Claw

Artifact: •••••
Moonsilver Glaive (based on direlance)
Speed +6, Accuracy +5, Damage +8L, Defense +0
Ranged Stats:
Accuracy +2 Damage 12L Rate 1 Range 30(max range)

Special Abilities

  • Reduce the cost of Full Moon charms by 3 motes per charm. (Not sure if that is the exact method I want to use or if it too powerful)
  • The Lunar can spend 3 motes to launch a blade of energy using the ranged statistics and his melee skill, this attack is considered unblockable.
  • Finally it can create a barrier of solid moonlight preventing attacks from passing through, the cost for this ability is 1 willpower to activate then 2 motes for each success scored on the opponents attack roll, the Lunar can drop this effect at any time.

Comments =

For the ranged attack and the moonlight thing, are these simple? Reflexive?

Well we didn't end up using this version of the weapon, but I had intended the abilities to be simple, the barrier was a hold off the enemies while the sorcerer gets the spell off power. - Blackedout

First off, what's the theme here? This seems to be basically a grab-bag of powers. The first two work together, but then *bam* a random sorcery power in the middle of a Stick of Down Smacking. Unity is important.
Second off, to use the barrier must you completely block the opponent's attacks or is it possible to buy partial protection? That's an important distinction.
Third off, you don't state that Charms can't be reduced in cost below 1. That means a great many Lunar Charms (crappy though they are) can become free. This is generally considered bad.

 - Telgar

I am sorry about that, you are correct that charms cant be reduced below 1 mote, and we hadnt decided if you could partially block or not when I posted this, the weapon was originally based on a fanfiction version of the Silence Glaive from Sailor Moon, hence the barrier power. When we showed the artifact to our ST she disallowed the barrier power anyway, so we never finished working out how it worked, in my opinion you would have to completely block attacks or drop the power for what its worth. - Blackedout

Dude. That's a way wimpy-ass Silence Glaive. And it has virtually nothing in common with the Sailor Saturn weapon. - Telgar

It was my first attempt at making an artifact. I wasn't very good at writing the weapon stats, when we actually used it, it lost the barrier gaining 2 reflexive parries a round and boosted the weapon stats a lot. I might update the listing here to the actual stats used in game later, if I do I will also put an updated weapon stats and clarified rules on this version. - Blackedout