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This is a world-shaking weapon like no other, crafted for the Character Rei, the Peerless Cloud, and made to emphasis the Soaring Wind-Rider Style Martial art.

Longinus, the Star which Denied Heaven.

Artifact: 5
Commitment: 8 motes

To learn the tale of the weapon is to first learn of the God. Her tale ends and the weapons' begin at the end of the primordial war. Longinus, God of Destructive Storms was a powerful deity, for her domain not only held physical storms, but the ideals of such things also. From actual storms to the ravages of the Wyld and the destructive storm that was the creative power of the Primordial, and what was unleashed in their deaths gained her great power. However in their defeat at the hands of the Exalted and the Golden Deliberative wishes not only to control the weather through sorceress means, and even to hold back the tide of the Wyld would mean to diminish the domain of Longinus. Rather than let herself fall into destitution, she summoned her lance of thunder and lightning, Tempest, and struck herself down from heaven, cast into the frozen northern pole of Air, which she was once aligned to, as a shard of Starmetal wreathed in lightning.

For the millennia to come, her starmetal remains were left untouched, buried deep in earth and snow within a deep vein of Blue Jade. However when the ravages of the contagion broke forth the walls that held back the creatures of the wyld, allowing the raksha to storm Creation once more, Tempest, and the still form of Longinus resonated within, feeling once more the destructive storm calling to it.

As the borders of the Wyld created by the Exalted of old fell to the wayside, and their warping energies coalesced throughout the lands, so too did if affect the shard of Starmetal that was once Longinus, her fallen weapon Tempest, and the Jade that now surrounded them. Born from this wyld shaped union was a weapon of sheer, sweeping beauty. A darkened Blue Jade Lance that shimmered with an ethereal glow, that forks near the middle, the two shafts first twisting around themselves to form a helix and then becoming straight. Looking closely at the deep blue weapon reveals that the Jade is suffused with countless specks of Starmetal.

When the scarlet Empress rose and pushed back the tide of the wyld, and the borders were once again made whole, so too was Longinus' now remade form left whole, floating within the crater where she fell, awaiting the hand of one who would wield her.

When used in hand to hand combat, Longinus Remains in its forked form, but when thrown the forks spiral and tighten together to create a single, deadly, point.

None shall bar its path,
When parried by mortal weapons, it causes them to shatter, by channeling a virtue the attack becomes unblockable
For it strikes into the heart,
All attacks made with Longinus ignore the Hardness value of whatever it may strike in addition to its Piercing.
And seeks ever more.
When used as a thrown weapon, Longinus has infinite range, but returns to the wielder at the end of the round.
~First Haiku of Longinus, Written by Cynis Rei, the Peerless Cloud.

Burden of Storms Wrath,
For 10 motes and 1 willpower, the wielder may summon a storm by stabbing Longinus into the ground.
Eased by compassion for all,
For 10 motes and 1 willpower, the wielder may banish a storm by throwing Longinus into the clouds.
To soar care-free again.
If they are an Air Aspect, while their Anima power is active, the wielder may walk on clouds as if solid ground.
If they are a Chosen of Journeys, while their anima power is active triple leaping distances as well as running.
~Second Haiku of Longinus, Written by Cynis Rei, the Peerless Cloud.

Longinus is Both Blue Jade and Starmetal counting as both for caste Magical Material for Dragon Blooded and Sidereal Alike. Magical Material Bonuses have been accounted for.

Hand to Hand: Speed +9, Accuracy +5, Damage +9L, Defence +4, Rate 4, Piercing

Thrown: Accuracy +5, Damage +9L, Rate 1, Range infinite, Piercing


May I suggest making it simply unblockable, instead of circumventing perfect parries? The latter is a mechanic which leads to ugliness in the end. If you feel simple parry inapplicability is too weak, perhaps make it unblockable and perfect. If you must penalize users of perfect parries, cause it to explicitly break weapons used to parry - possibly even having a chance to break 5MM weapons. - IanPrice

The need to allow it to break perfect parries is an if ability, rather than a wholesale one. To make it an unblockable and/or perfect attack is way more powerful than I'd like, hence why it's an option, and why it requires a virtue to be channeled. So it wont always bypass perfect parries, and you can't do it too many times elsw, the user wont have any virtue points left. As for the idea of breaking weapons to go with it, sounds neat and I'll run it past my ST. Thanks for the input. - ArabianNinja

Alternatively, it shatters mortal weapons that parry it, and you can channel a virtue to make it unblockable. - DeadManSeven, supporter of virtue points as a resource on par with motes, WP, and health levels.ArabianNinja/I>
Makes sense, done and done. - ArabianNinja