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So far all I think I might be posting here is NPC write ups and perhaps other bits of random Inspiration

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Welcome to the wiki! - Quendalon

Thanks! I noticed you were having to move some of my files around, am I doing something wrong? - Malikai

As a general rule, we try and keep files under paths instead of free-floating; either under your own name's path, or the path of whatever category the thing you're working on seems to fit. It's an organizational thing, and will help avoid future conflicts over page names (esp. for simple names like 'Common' that more than one person might want to use). No worries, it's not like the WikiPolice will come and lock you up.  :) - Quendalon

I think I see what I was doing wrong now, I will try and fix stuff up - Malikai

Is there a way that the Eclipse caste page that I created already could be moved to a similar file path? I'd like to avoid as much confusion as I can. Something like Malikai/EclipseCaste|EclipseCaste - Malikai

Okay, I did that myself but I don't know how to make sure the other files are gone? Or will they automaticly get deleted when there is no way to get to them? - Malikai

Pages can't be deleted. Instead, you put in a redirect, so that anyone who goes to the old page gets sent to the new page instead. To do this, erase everything on the page, and put in the following: #REDIRECT PageName\\ Quendalon

Alrighty, Next Question. Can you nest the file arrangement? ex Malikai / Common / Kuric | Kuric -Malikai

Good question. No, there's no nesting; files can only go one path deep. - Quendalon

Er, Malikai? I noticed you signed up for the EBV Tournament with Dali. The page says that the tournament is going to be novice-rank only, so you may want to create a second character, for tournament purposes. -dissolvegirl

Sorry about that, I really do need to learn to read I guess. - Malikai