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The Mission

To go with a style of sharing personal info not typically seen outside of dating videos...

Hi, my name is Scott Schaffer. I've been with Exalted since the first. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, writing, reading, thinking, walking, yoga(Don't laugh. Flexibility is a privlage, not a right), and talking with complete strangers.

If you want to join me in a little bit of the last part, you can reach me at lazarus_gold@yahoo.com

I'm also on AIM quite frequently, under the name PrimeKin. Drop me a line.


Nothing new at all, folks.

Old News

Chronicle - New Beginnings

I. The Game

    A.   Characters and Descriptions
         1.  Aesir (Changing Moon Lunar - Male)
         2.  Dancing Ruby Wings (Dawn Solar - Female)
         3.  Pathian (Night Solar - Male)
         4.  Zenleigha (Twilight Solar - Female)
         5.  Elegant Cherryblossom (Zenith Solar - Female)
         6.  Endless Chase - Dead, and Honored
         7.  Kitsune {Changing Moon Lunar - Female - (Retired))
         8.  Maylin (Eclipse Solar - Female - (Retired))
    B.   Dreams of the First Age
         1.   Endless Chase's Dreams
         2.  Maylin's Dreams
         3.  Ruby's Dreams
         4.   Pathian's Dreams
         5.  Zenleigha's Dreams
    C.   Internet Sessions
    D.   Short passages about the first and second ages


A list of characters that I've either made for other games or just for fun.

         1.  Seaside (Solar Half-Caste)
         2.  Leanna Night-Prowler (Changing Moon Lunar
         3.  Draelen (Chosen of Journies)
         4.  Draelen (Chosen of Secrets)

I know this isn't really Exalted related, but I'm going to store my nobilis character here too.

         1.  Nobilis Character


  • DancingRubyWings - My good friend Ashley's Wiki page. She's cute and she's a gamer chick. Gotta love life ^_^
  • Zenleigha - And Jill's page, nice and spiffy and all. Though I'm probably saying that becase most of it is taken straight from my page ^_~)
  • Dorchadas - And Brian, the ST of the game, posting all of his secrets so we can meta game to our heart's content. Not that we would, mind you, er, him. ^_^
  • Maylin - Yet another Gamer Chick in the group. She play's Maylin's character.

Perconal Contributions to the Wiki

The Idea Bin

  • The Concept Book! - After a time reading the caste and aspect books, I decided to write a similarly styled book about a perfect circle of Solars. Here's Where it all begins!

An Archive for stuff I don't want to look at any more


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