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Welcome to MD's wiki. Mostly a player in exalted, I also tend to ST once in a while. Here you will find a little custom content and a little summary on our exploits, but mostly you will find the fiction that I like to write about all our campaigns.


4/15/14: Well, after actually looking at Mantis Style (never actually sat down and read it before), and concerning new rules in the Players Guide, I feel kinda dumb for even inventing Hurricane Style, so, I took it down. It was kinda redundant. And also we decided to scrap the current campaign, there just wasn't a big enough feel for the game. We started the inklings for a new campaign between Sig, me, and another of the players. So far the story is going pretty well, but the character gen is awesome! I had a true inspiration for a character, not like since I had since Mako. Not only is he a great character, but stat-wise, he is freaking awesome! To give a sneak preview, let's just say I took the Flaw Derangement: Multiple Personalities, and I ran with it. If any of you have ever read Dark Sun title books, you might have read of a similar character. He is part of a duo of demon hunting brothers who lives in the southwest in a certain persecuted province....

3/25/04: Did a little bit of organizing, got my fiction up to date, check out the new piece on Caleb.

Current Campaign News (Player)


Current Campaigns (ST)

MageDragon/ANewCivility - New Dragonblooded bootcamp campagin, to begin when i get around to it.

Custom Exalted Content

MageDragon/Artifacts - A few spiffy things, mostly custom stuff we actually used.

MageDragon/Charms - Custom charms thought up by the gorup.

MageDragon/HouseRules - Custom content from our campaigns.

MageDragon/Characters - The Hall of Fame for me, where I put all the good past characters to pasture.

MageDragon/Fiction - General fiction, generally pieces from abandoned campaigns.


I'm seeking permission to use some of your work in an artifacts book. Please check it out. - Wordman