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Gossamer Queen

Gossamer Queen: Green Jade Powerbow Artifact ••••• Acc: +4 Damage: +4 Range: 200 Rate: 3 Commitment: 12 motes (Jade)Reqs: Str 3, Archery 3 This does not factor in the Jade MM bonus (+50 range, +1 Rate).

The Gossamer Queen fires arrows trailed by a thin strand of gossamer spider's silk, that connects the struck victim(s) back to the wielder of the bow. Upon damage, the user can actually sap essence from the victim(s) at 2m per arrow. The essence travels along the strand back to the user in a show not unlike a fuse being lit, expending the gossamer thread that linked the two.

The Exalt may also commit 10 motes and fire several arrows into the air; they circle around him, wrapping him in silk. In one minute, a silken cocoon is formed. The cocoon cannot be damaged by mortal means, though it has no defense against Essence attacks. While inside the coccoon, the Exalt heals at 10 times the normal rate. Releasing the Essence causes the cocoon to dissolve in approximately a minute's time.

The bearer of The Gossamer Queen has diplomatic immunity against insect gods of every kind, much as the Eclipse caste has a broader immunity.

The bow's enchanted arrows fly gracefully as dragonflies through reeds; they do not suffer environmental penalties for being in wooded areas, and are always considered Charm-enhanced attacks. (This is important for things like the Portentuous Comet Deflecting Mode.)

Upon drawing the bow, tiny spinnerets near the arrow rest can produce arrows made of solid spider's silk. The spinnerets can produce any normal arrow type, use normal stats for these arrows. Approximately 10 minutes after striking a victim, the arrows dissolve into normal, softer silk, and within 30 minutes, they have completely dissolved. These arrows are completely compatible for use with the essence draining gossamer trails.

There are also two hearthstone settings in the bow.

The specifics of the story may change over the years, but the point remains the same. Some decades past, V'neef performed a great service to an ancient wood spider, and in return, the spider bequeated unto V'neef a part of his essence, imbuing it in a powerful bow. This bow, while powerful, is also a symbol of the connection that the childeren of V'neef share with the spider and his childeren.

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