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Here's an initiative based tree I made based on the Solar Athletics Charms,

Also, there's an addition to the normal athletics tree, which lets you jump off tall stuff and land without a scratch .. .. as you do :)

Also been working on making some Solar Melee charms, based on styles, which are powerful within a range, but limit the character to a certain style of attack for a scene.. here's the general information on how they work.

Forgot to add some normal melee charms I'd been working on (not the style ones which were an experiment), they're at:

I finally managed to think of a martial arts style I was happy with, so I've now put that up at:

Added an artifact, Weeping Willow, a green jade powerbow designed for a wood aspected Dragon Blood assassin.

Added some of the medicine charms I've been working on

Dragon Blooded Presence