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Level 5

Weird Fate

One of the rare few items crafted from Hexsteel, Starmetal that has been tainted by an extended stay in the Underworld or a Shadowland, Weird Fate is considered an ill omen and most Sidereals refuse to have anything to do with the weapon for fear of censure in Heaven or stringent disapproval from their fellows. Several attempts have been made to destroy the Weird Fate and erase it's name from history but so far, all have failed. The efforts did succeed in obliterating the origin and early histore of the blade; no one knows where Weird Fate is from or what it was made to do.
Weird Fate guides itself along the strings of Fate, striking easily and finding its way between its master and oncoming attacks. All attack and parry rolls made using Weird Fate have their target number reduced by 2. Should the target number be reduced below 4 by any combination of effects, the Weird Fate's attacks and parries are total successes. All dice are considered to come up as successes. Further, each time Weird Fate travels a path, it clears the way for future travels. Each time the blade makes a successful attack or parry repeat actions of that type against the same opponent have their difficulty decreased by 1, to a minimum of 1.
The taint upon Weird Fate manifests when it bites into a foe. Each health level of damage by the Fate against a target increases the difficulty of all the victim's combat action rolls by 1. These penalties stack. The dark powers of Weird Fate interfere with Essence flows. Those who attempt to dodge, parry or soak its blows with magic face a challenge. Effects which would block the blows or ignore the damage without a roll are nullified unless they are a true perfect like Duck Fate or Heavenly Guardian Defense.
The owner of Weird Fate is considered to be Outside Fate for as long as they are attuned to the tainted axe's magic. They can spend a Willpower to temporarily put themselves inside Fate without breaking the attunement but this effect only lasts for a single scene.

Weird Fate : Damage +10L Piercing | Accuracy +4 | Defense +4 | Speed +4 | Rate 2 | Committment 8

Nightmist Caller

An ancient Black Jade assassin's blade with so many lives on it's edge that the blade creates its own Shadowland. Detailed on a subpage due to length.

Child's Play

Illander, a No Moon Lunar, was told by his Solar mate that she had devised a way to equal the shapeshifting and illusionary power of his kind. He laughed and he replied that her invention was but child's play. His comment became the name of this device. Child's Play is a collection of some 500 interlocking tiles of Glass as well as Moonsilver and Jade, treated to be as translucent as the tiles of Glass. When arranged into a complex structure derived from a three-dimensional version of mystical symbols, the tiles merge into a whole. Specific patterns will cause Child's Play to spin a web of Essence over a course of one day and night, which surrounds the user in a tangible illusion. The specific design of the structure depends on what sort of effect the user wishes to evoke. For the duration of the illusion, one lunar month or until Child's Play is dis-assembled, the character under the effects of Child's Play is, for all intents and purposes, whatever the illusion shows her to be. Only humanoid forms can be taken, but within that there is no limit on what shape can be taken. Obviously it is not possible for a male using Child's Play to change his sex to become pregnant, as the duration of the change is too short.

Coldstone Mace

A monsterous construct of White Jade nearly four feet long, with a spiked head the size of a small emu, the Coldstone Mace could be a formidable weapon all on its own. Crafted for one of the most powerful First Age Dragon-Blooded ever and endowed with the power to utterly annihilate things of magic, the Coldstone is one of the most dangerous weapons in Creation.
Damage delt by Coldstone to a magical construct counts as total success, that is all dice count as successes. When defending against magically-enhanced attacks, add 5 successes to the parry. When being parried or dodged with a magically enhanced defense, add 5 successes to the attack. Magic-based soak such as that derived from Charms and Spells is ignored by the Coldstone.
If used to strike a sorcerer or necromancer in the act of casting a spell, Coldstone's disruptive properties have a potent countermagical effect. Any spell of the first two Circles is instantly shattered. Spells of the Third Circles will shatter unless the caster can expend half again their casting cost or three willpower points.
Coldstone : Damage +20L | Accuracy +2 | Defense +2 | Speed +8 | Rate 2 | Committment 8

Pyre of Rebirth

A flat and, indeed, simple bed of Red Jade, the Pyre's only ornamentation is in the Black Jade glyphs around its edges, prayers to Heaven and channeling runes that carry the smoke from the Pyre to Yu-Shan. When those suffering from malady or hurt are placed upon the Pyre, it ignites with brilliant flames of pure essence. The flames burn away their suffering and hurts, restoring them to purity of form and mind. Though this process is painful, inflicting 1 health level of lethal damage for every hurt removed, it is never fatal. The wound penalties are, however, double what they would normally be. This damage can not be healed by Charms. The Pyre is able to remove Derangements, cure Solars, Lunars, Abyssals or Dragon-Blooded suffering from Limit Break (or Resonance Overload, in the case of Abyssals), restore lost bodyparts and heal normal or aggravated wounds. It can also purge diseases of any sort. In short, the Pyre can remove almost any malady, but particularly vicious or tenacious ones may require multiple treatments. No person can return to the Pyre until all Pyre-given damage is healed. And even then, repeat treatments require a Valor roll at difficulty equal to the number of times the character has used the Pyre, but can not exceed 4.

Pannikin of Calefaction

Small, dull and battered, the Pannikin of Calefaction does not seem to deserve its elaborate name. Many of its owners have simply called it "the Pot". By either name, the Pannikin is a deadly artifact of world-shaking power. Any liquid placed into the Pannikin becomes a representation of all of the liquid sharing the same source. Any changes made to the liquid within the Pannikin effect the liquid still in the original source. For example, if a person were so foolish as to allow their blood to be placed in the Pannikin and boiled, all the blood in their body would likewise boil, almost certainly killing them. There are limits to the amount of liquid the Pannikin can affect, anything beyond a medium-sized lake is past its capability. However boiling or evaporating even such a "small" quantity of the ocean can have dire consequences.

The Flying Crane

A fearsome Powerbow given to a long-dead Solar by his Lunar spouse. Detailed on a subpage due to length.

The Vessel of Wells

For what purpose this Artifact was made has long been forgotten and it puzzles many savants as to why anyone would make such a thing. The Vessel of Wells has no defined shape, but most commonly takes the form of a box which alters its size at a thought. When placed over a hole of any size or shape, the box expands to cover the hole and then shrinks back to the size it was when placed over the hole. After shriking the box must be sealed shut before it can be moved. Once sealed, the box can be taken to any location in Heaven, Creation or the Underworld and unsealed. Unsealing the box releases the "other end" of the hole, an exact duplicate of the original hole that the box took into itself. The only hole that can not be moved in this manner is the Well of the Void.
There now exists a tunnel between the hole's original location and the location at which the box was unsealed. This tunnel can take many forms, a literal tunnel between the bottoms of the two holes or an invisible linkage. Whatever the appearance, travelling far enough into one hole results in exiting through the other. Travelling in this manner is far faster then travelling the normal way.
The strange properties of inter-hole space are reminiscent of the Labyrinth. Any character trying to walk between two holes rolls their Intelligence + Athletics. Each success cuts their normal travel time by 25%. A failure indicates that the travel takes 90% of the time it would normally, a botch indicates the travel time is doubled or some twist in the tunnel provides a deadly obstacle.

The Wyrding Blade

Crafted from the body of fallen Balor, leader of the first Fair Folk crusade against Creation and their greatest prince ever, the Wyrding Blade is a horribly potent weapon against the wyld. Within its shimmering, rainbow-colored blade of adamant are harnessed the powers of the ancient Fair Folk who was used to forge it. The blade is never friendly to its owners, requiring a great committment of Essence to bind it safely and it may never be considered a person's favored weapon for purposes of Charms like Cascade of Cutting Terror or Call the Blade.
The power of the Wyld, captured and "tamed", is the power of the Wyrding Blade. When it strikes an opponent's flesh in combat it unleashes the Wyld into its victim. For every Health level of damage the Blade inflicts it also inflicts 1 Mutation Point worth of Wyld Mutations. The Storyteller assigns the Mutations that crop up and can spread the points from a single strick amongst as many Mutations and possible or concentrate them into a smaller number of more potent Mutations.
Mutations created by the Wyrding Blade are treated like those created by Wyld exposure, they inflict normal Experience penalties and addiction-related problems. They will develop over 1 turn per point for each Mutation. That is, a 2-point Mutation takes two turns to develop.
Because of the half-tamed nature of the powers in the Blade it is impossible to judge if the wyld energies will twist their victims for good or ill. Each time a mutation is inflicted the Storyteller rolls 1 die. If it comes up even, the Mutation is positive. If the die comes up odd, the resulting mutation is negative.
The Wyrding Blade can be used to parry Shaping attacks and grants 10 additional dice to do so. It will also inflict Aggravated damage against all Wyld-tainted beasts and Fair Folk.
The Wyrding Blade uses the stats of a Grand Daiklave, but requires a 10 mote committment

Tongue of Saturn

A relic of the time before the First Age the Tongue of Saturn has no known origin or creator. It was discovered in the personal effects of a Chosen of Endings when he was slain by a Yozi's Fetich Soul. It is from its first owner, not its powers, that the Tongue derives its name.
The Tongue of Saturn is a pen, one of fairly simple design. With a body of Orichalcum, an eternally full reservoir of Glass and a nub of Starmetal the pen is a treasure in and of itself but its powers are not evident until it is used to write.
When the Tongue of Saturn writes something that is true anyone seeing the written words are made instantly and perfectly aware that what they are reading is the truth. They are totally convinced of it, unable to hold out doubt as to its veracity. In a reversal of this power, whenever the Tongue writes something that is false everyone who beholds the untrue words is made to know that they are lies and is unable to doubt their falsehood.
The Tongue is unable to weild its power over subjective matters, its abilities are restricted to matters of solid fact. It may be used by anyone, even a mortal. The Tongue has no committment cost and will work for whoever is holding it at the moment.

The Flock of Blades

Feared as the signature of a deadly assassin the Flock of Blades is an ancient and powerful throwing knife with potent abilities. Detailed on a subpage due to length. WORK IN PROGRESS.


A trident made to command the sea and ravage the land, Baymaker is from before the First Age and still commands fear and respect. Detailed on a subpage due to length and complexity.

Ebon Devil Prison Face

A mask which contains within it an entire race of First Circle Demons which are already bound to the mask and can be summoned for use with far greater ease then Malfean Demons. Detailed on a subpage due to length. Also contains the stats and description of the Demons contained within. WORK IN PROGRESS.