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Hey. Little bit about me. I move alot, mostly east coast-ish. Early twenties, story teller for my circle of friends, gamer for over 15 years now. Currently my Exalted campaign is in...err...year three? Sounds about right. I've ran from low power to high power with my current players exploring the potential of 5+ Essence Charms.

I've been haunting the wiki and exalted compendium for a while now, dredging it's murky depths for the sort of things I'm interested in. Give me a day or three and I'll toss up props to the wikizens whom have caught my eye over the years. Tips and trivia, comments and criticsm always welcome. The stuff I'm porting over to the wiki is from a brainstorm folder off my comp, not all of it is fully fleshed or refined and some of it has not caught up with my notebooks.

For point of reference I'm a fairly staunch 1E type guy, not so much a 2E. Prettier book but the system... Lets just say I prefer 1E. With the caveat of Power Combat is pretty cool, and some of the 2E fluff-refinement makes me happy.


Some quick brainstorming I've done.

SolVachel/ThaumaturgyTwo Trying to redistribute Thaumaturgy over the Twilight abilities to get a more even spread SolVachel/SolsArtifactCreation Few tweaks to the rolls and difficulties SolVachel/WyldMutations Expanding on mutations. SolVachel/Warstriders How I treat them. SolVachel/HouseRules Everyone has these.

Martial Arts

A few styles I'm fleshing out.

SolVachel/ThousandForged Cause a loony first ager has to have done this. SolVachel/EasternLion Regal and imposing none dare stand against these martial artists. SolVachel/SouthernScorpion As brutal and merciless as the desert and as venemous as a scorpion. SolVachel/WesternSerpent Featuring Wriggling Eel Defense, cause it makes me giggle. SolVachel/NorthernBear Timeless as the glaciers, fierce as a bear! SolVachel/CentralHarmony Circular Ritualized Sorcerous... SolVachel/CelestialMyrmidon The idealized Soldier, relentless, without error, and favored of the Gods.


Until I'm worthy enough to move them to a more public domain.

SolVachel/Awareness For yet more keen senses and keeping your loved ones from harm. SolVachel/Craft Cause I love hitting things with hammers. SolVachel/Lore Working on a long neglected Ability SolVachel/Medicine Only one so far but she's a doozy. SolVachel/Melee For more damage without more attacks, and also more attacks. SolVachel/Occult Players Guide gives Thaumaturgy, I give Thaum Charms. SolVachel/Resistance So far just a permanent soak adder.


I don't do many of these and they tend to be tailor made for character concepts. A few might be thought experiments (either IC or OOC) and a few are legitimate attempts by players to break the game, of this I'm sure.

SolVachel/SealofDivinity Dworkin made me do it!

  • [[SolVachel/StrengthofSun'sFirstLightFirstLight | Strength of Sun's First Light]] Orichalcum Grand Daiklaive

SolVachel/WombofGaia For breeding better Terrestrials SolVachel/BoundlessHarvest Jade Daiklave with minor healing.


Just stuff really.

SolVachel/Fiction Dare I?


Wikizens I have enjoyed reading the writings and rantings of. Condensed quick list Version.


Returned to the wiki. ~ SolVachel

'Bout time, hooker. ~ RazorWolf

I notice that you are at the top of the "source of Orphans" list. Would you mind linking your pages into WikiContent where appropriate? I'd appreciate it. - Wordman

Considering I have everything hosted on my userpage is there an easy way to move things categorically to the wikicontent page or are you asking me to manually reformat my entire page? ~ SolVachel

No, nothing like that. Just provide a link to it on the content pages. For example, you could add a link in the Solar Lore Charms page to your Lore Charms, and then people browsing the Lore Charms would know you have them. :) - FrivYeti
Right. As other examples, put a link to yourSolVachel/Fiction page on the main Fiction page, add your martial arts styles to MartialArts, and so on. This should have no impact on your userpage at all. Keep it however you like. - Wordman
Alright, I'll get to work on it, did a few the other day. Will continue, I guess. ~ SolVachel
Thanks! - Wordman
Should be all of them now. ~ SolVachel