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Sunflare Hammer

Artifact 5 --By BrilliantRain

This orichalcum artifact looks something like a cross between a bazooka or missle launcher and a giant hammer. It requires 10m to commit and gets the standard orichalcum melee bonuses which have not been added in. The missle launcher gets no bonuses.

||Name||Speed||Accuracy||Damge||Defence||Rate||Range||Cost||Minimums|| ||Hammer||-3||+0||+14L||-1||N/A||HtH||None||Str. 4|| ||Essence Missle||+0||-3||45L*||N/A||1/5**||200||30m||Str. 4||

* The attack affects everyone within a 5yd radius. It may be parried normally, but dodges must be charm or stunt enhanced. When applied to objects this attack doubles post soak damage.

** If the rocket is fired more than once every five rounds, the essence lenses break from over heating and the launcher may not be used untill they are fixed. However hammer mode may still be used will the lenses are cooling off.


For anyone who reads Black Cat, it looks kinda like Belga's weapon.

cool artifact. A little out of place in the canon setting, maybe use in a modern setting would work better. Or maybe add ammunition for it. Like firewands use firedust, maybe this thing needs a fire or solar aspect hearthstone or it uses a large amount of firedust. ~ Insanewizard

It occupies a similar nitch as the essence cannon.--BrilliantRain

I'd also claim it's a bit over-priced in terms of motes for the 'missle'. Either you want your meleeist to be able to shoot missles, in which case he'd need to be able to not blow his entire mote pool to do so, or you want a seige weapon, in which case you'd get something like a real essence cannon, which is both more awesome, and more efficient for what it is. I don't see a functional reason some Twilight would spend two years building this thing, for what it is. Either make the ranged attack somehow useful to the meleeist, or make the seige mode much more sane. There isn't a good reason to integrate the two devices, as two level 3 artifacts are much easier to build than one level 5. Also, 30m is such a huge cost it's ridiculous. Most Celestial spells are less than that, and many of them will ruin your christmas. I mean, why not have the thing launch a Magma Kraken for that many motes? -- GregLink

You make a valid point and I have modifyed the stats in responce. I had a request from a friend to build a personal weapon capable of destroying a ship at range and also useable as a hammer, thus the odd combination off effects. I am somewhat worried about the possibility of it being used as a man portable army killer though. I always like for the opposition to have a chance. I'm also a little worried about how it compares with the very large essence cannon from EtO.--BrilliantRain