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Hatnu Agata, The Weapons of Death's Domain

Level 5 Steel Casters (Found at Artifacts/TelgarGunsAndAmmo)

Those who know of this pair of Steel Casters say that they were the brainchild of a Twilight who spent much of his time studying the Essence flows of the Underworld. He made these two revolvers near the end of the First Age, happily using his followers as test subjects. He used the weapons against the Dragon-Blooded who attacked him during the Usurpation, dragging many of them down to the Underworld with him. It is said that the Casters were buried with him; however, rumors have spread throughout Stygia that one of the Abyssals now carries them and has been causing much havoc indeed.

The two revolvers are of identical design, and are meant to be carried as a pair. In fact, neither gun will fire if its owner is only attuned to one gun. Abyssals (and, oddly enough, some Dragon-Blooded) pay a commitment cost of 10 motes; others must commit 15, due to having to realign their own Essence to mesh with the necrotic Essence of the Underworld.

This revolver is made from white jade, with the Old Realm for "forget" on the hammer. It gives off an air of calmness and serenity, putting the mind at ease.

When the target is injured by Atmayaga, her mind is flooded by the River Lethe; she loses one significant memory for each health level of damage she has recieved, decided on by the Storyteller. If the target is killed by the shot, her soul is immediately sent through Lethe and goes back into the cycle of reincarnation. If the target was affected by a spell such as Rune of Sweet Passing she will rise as a ghost, but will have no memories of her former life.

Speed 4 Acc +3 Damage +8L Rate 6 Range 150

The shadow to Atmayaga's light, Vismarana is made of flawless soulsteel. Unlike most soulsteel items, however, it makes no sound unless it is used in combat. At that point, faces emerge in the grey metal, moaning and wailing at both their fate and the fate of the target. The Old Realm glyph for "oblivion" is carved into the hammer.

When struck, the target's mind is filled with the Whispers of the Neverborn; he suffers an external penalty equal to the target's Essence, which lasts for a number of actions equal to the HLs dealt by the shot. If the target is killed by a shot from Vismarana, a bone-chilling scream tears itself from his lips as he falls to the ground. His shade remains standing; after about fifteen seconds, the shadows in the area vomit forth nephwracks, which grapple the shade and drag him back with them, kicking and screaming. If the target has been blessed by the Gentle Call of Lethe, the shade will be surrounded by a brilliant white light which repulses the nephwracks as he vanishes into his next life.

Speed 5 Acc +5 Damage +10L Rate 6 Range 100


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