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Hail and Well Met...

I've enjoyed a rather recently reawakened interest in Exalted. Due to Issaru and Dreaming Nymph introducing me to this site. I have a few ideas and pictures to share. Hopefully, I do not offend anyone and I welcome advice from wiser peers. If you wish to use any of these ideas, please do. Glad I could be of help. In fact, let me know how you use them. I may incorporate what you've done into one of my stories. Who knows, it might turn out to be a sort of MMTRPG.
PLEASE NOTE: Some entries may be blank for a while. They will grow as my campaign reveals them. Likewise, presently listed entries may change as the campaign progresses. Thus, as with any living person, these beings evolve.


  • Issaru - Pretty big Martial Arts Charms fan. Loves cool stuff and "cheese".
  • Dreaming Nymph - Pretty big Nexus Project fan, which she made a few contributions to.
  • Tiffa - Great story and PC\NPC background story writer.
  • TheNexusProject - Who would've guessed one city could have so much for so many.
  • DBSInfernalExalted - Pretty neat page about the Chosen of the Yozi: The Infernals.




give me time...I'll think of something


Confluence of Terrible Understanding
A little forum where Issaru, Dreaming Nymph and I bat around ideas for our campaign. See, we rotate Storytelling duties at the end of each chapter of our saga. This is the place where we put all of our "rough sketches", so to speak. It may not be beautiful or easy to read, but it's the chaos from whence our order comes. SPOILER ALERT!! If you are a player, in our campaign, I humbly ask that you not go here. If you do, don't blame the storytellers when the campaign starts to get boring. You chose to take all the excitement and tension from the game by reading Storyteller material.


Scytheus: I am completely new to this. But with time, I may gain skill. So, I ask for patience. From myself and my peers. Remember, this is a community. And a community grows with compassion not with odium. With that said, let the constructive criticism begin:

Welcome. I advise you to read BestPractices before doing lots more stuff. You appear to be particularly prone to spaces in links, which is generally discouraged.  :) Have fun.
~ Shataina
Removed the spaces. - Quendalon
Yo!! Welcome to the Wiki dude! Hope you get at least as much from it as i do. - Issaru
  • does happy dance* Welcome, guy! Always good to see a familiar, in a manner of speaking. You know what I mean. So, now that we're all here, anyone up for a collabo ST page? Somewhere where we cam dump game notes for each other, an online think tank kinda deal? Feh, I'll see both of you tonight, lemme know. ;o) Dreaming Nymph

Scytheus: Thanks to Quendalon for the help, but the links don't go to the pages I already prepared for them when you remove the spaces. Not downing the assist or anything, it's just that this time it kind of took me on a 30 mile detour to go two miles straight ahead ^_^. Thanks Issaru and Dreaming Nymph. I hope you all like my ideas.

Loving your stuff dude! - Issaru

Yo whenever you get the time put your notes for the "Children" here - Issaru

Scytheus: Have done, dude. Jotted down a couple of ideas. I'll slap more down as they come to my noggin.