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Personal Information

Well, after a lot of convincing done by some of the players in the game I run--notably EndlessChase and Zenleigha--I decided to get my own wiki page. I don't have a unified idea of what to put here, but hopefully it will let me get some of the ideas I have out onto paper finally.

I'll go with Jill and Ash's format for more about me:

  • Name: Brian
  • Age : 23
  • Student At: Nowhere! I'm graduated now ^_^
  • AIM: Deathan Dhuit
  • Email: shiver82 AT yahoo DOT com


This is the location for game-related material of my own devising. Finally starting to get a good selection ^_^

  • Spells - No real theme here, just a grab bag
  • Artifacts - The First Age superweapons/talismans have taken over the others. Most of the artifacts are now unique devices that the characters in "The Game" have inherited from the tombs of their previous incarnations.
  • Charms - Adding more, slowly.
  • Walking War Machines - weapons of the Deathlords

Chronicles (or Geek: the Gaming)

I have a lot of this stuff up here, because all the games I'm in now are online and the Wiki makes a good place to store information so everyone has access to it.

"Before the world was bent but after the Great Contagion, there was a civilization built in the image of the First Age. It sought to emulate the splendor of the bygone Golden Age, but it was in all ways less. It was a time of sorcery and heroism, of fabulous wonders and treacherous betrayals. Ruled by a decadent empire, it slipped inch by inch into barbarism and darkness, until one last cataclysm blotted it out forever. Yet, in its sunset, it was a splended thing, and glorious were the deeds of the Exalted."

The Game

This is the game I'm running. It doesn't really have a name per say. Information about the player characters can be found here, at EndlessChase's wiki. Since that's already up, I plan to put information about ST characters here. For example:

Most of the characters in the game are Solars, and they have learned quite a bit about their First Age incarnations in the time that they have been Exalted. They have also learned about their Lunar mates, and some other friends and foes who still live in the Second Age. Here is the information about them

Further plans include a basic plot summary.

Other Characters


These are all people in "The Game," inspired to wiki by EndlessChase, and later DancingRubyWings. Their own pages tell you more about them than I could. Check them out!

Comments, Suggestions, or Flames

I don't think I tried to persuade you into doing a wiki page, unless you mean the unintentional stuff like having a useful resource anywhere you have the internet, with the ability to change it at, say, your friends house, on a whim, making up artifacts and such in free moments...stuff like that. -EndlessChase

That spell was soooo cool to read...scary but really cool. The site looks awesome...and I'll confess...I would jump Alabaster if I met him. More! ~Maylin

OMG! The Memories are addicting...and explain alot about everyone...of course it now makes me want to make Ashraielle just on theo ff chance I might get to play her one day. Hint....hint...hint....~Maylin