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This is BrilliantRain's personal page.

Personal Notes

BrilliantRain is a.....

  • A) College Student
  • B) Liberal Texan
  • C) Exalted Storyteller
  • D) Male Human
  • E) All of the Above
  • F) None of the Above


Characters that are not involved in the game I'm currently running.


For games I have run, are running right now, or will run.


mostly Lore charms, so far


My Artifacts are at Artifacts/BrilliantRain.


Not much here yet.


As there are times when I wish to receve feedback on things that are still in progress, I have set up this sub-page devoted to random thoughts, half-rules, unfinished artifacts, etc.


A page devoted to information for the players in my exalted game.


various places that I find useful that I want to get back to in a hurry.


For thoughts I wish to share.

My old thoughts page can be found at BrilliantRain'sNotepad. Can anyone tell me how I redirect stuff?


Comments section added. Sorry I forgot. BrilliantRain

Nice work you're doing on TheNexusProject - but when all you're doing is putting in links to a page then you're best to use the "Minor Edit" box just above the Save button. Leave the entry as a major change, but linking isn't worth it. - Moxiane

You can set a page as a redirect by filling it with "#REDIRECT LinkToThePlaceYouWantToRedirectTo." ~ G


Thanks for the comment on my story! It's definitely appreciated. :) --dissolvegirl

Have you considered changing your Useful Links pages into a page that gets counted by the Favorites system? - Wordman