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Here is a page of what I believe is my best work, plus some stuff I did 'coz I was bored. I won't bore you with details on my life - even I don't really care.


  • Blade of the Wrathful Phoenix - A powerful Essence-wrought blade, forged through fusion of two Magical Materials.
  • Dryad's Caress - A simple looking Green Jade bracelet, invaluable to any medic.
  • First Tsurugi, the Divine Arsenal - An ancient sword, forged perhaps as early as pre-First Age, using all six magical materials. A weapon for all occasions.
  • Genesis Armour - A strange armour, created deep in the heart of the Underworld, that brings the true face of it's wearer to light, while binding them in steel.
  • Last Rose of Cecelyne - A powerful green jade powerbow with deep-seated, and unexplained, ties to the fury and tranquility of Gaia.
  • Masamune, Bushido Blade - A blade of great good, capable of great evil, that must never be raised in anger, lest it's user fall from their true path.
  • Muramasa, Tenchu Blade - A blade of great evil, capable of great good, that can only be safely weilded by a master who can control the blade, and by that extension, themselves.
  • Ronin's Sake Jug - A simple looking, oriental-style jug, containing alcohol, but capable of so much more.
  • Tsurugi - Based off an ancient design, this sword, adapted to suit any Exaltation or whim, ensures you always have the right sword for the job at hand.
  • Ultima Weapon - One of the greatest weapons ever to see battle, forged by the Great Maker himself to harness the true power of Exaltation.


Other Stuff

  • Manse
  • Martial Arts
    • Divine Arsenal of the War God Style - Celestial - A legendary Martial Arts, thought to have been lost to the whims of Time and Fate, used by warriors of old as proof of their mastery over their weapon of choice.
  • Creatures