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I am just starting, more to come, I am slow, please bear with me.

My exalts, NPCs, monsters, demons, and sundry

"So I says to the shaved monkey, I says...Hey! you are a shaved monkey! And then he hit me...and, you know, it hurt."
-- Hen'ri, explaining why he does not go into the jungle

Gtroc/Hen'ri My current, and only, character, a Dawn caste. (it is pronounced hen REE)

Gtroc/Deathsapsludgeplant A rare monster of the east.

Gtroc/Setshe a mad sorcerer king.

Gtroc/NostaKhan strange and powerful sorcerer

Gtroc/KerenskiPCs the PCs in my current campaign

Gtroc/KerenskiNPCs NPCs for my current campaign

random thoughts

"I like potatoes, since when did that become a crime?"
--Hen'Ri after eating all the potatoes in lookshy



Gtroc/ReallyCreepyCombo seriously, when I thought this up I was frightened...well...maybe not. ;)


"If I knew the wall was that thin, I wouldn't have hit him so hard."
--Hen'Ri after accidentally knocking a Dragonblood through a wall and collapsing the building.

Gtroc/Perthion The blood letter, a first age Grand Daiklaive, Belonging to Hen'ri

Gtroc/Gauntletsofuncompromisingpower A really spiffy pair of gloves I came up with.

Gtroc/ArtifactsKerenski Artifacts and Manses for my current campaign.

Charm Thoughts

"That's what I like about Hen'ri, when he is around you don't need drugs. Everything just gets more surreal."
--Elighinn Velve, Hen'ri's only friend



Campaign Notes

"You know, I don't take kindly to being blown up"
-The Devil Rei, after blowing himself up

Gtroc/TheBloodOfKerenski my current campaign.

Gtroc/GameQuotes from my current campaign.


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