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Level 3 Offensive Artifacts

Abhorred Shears of Atropos - Starmetal - Ashande 
Can snip threads of fate, instantly killing mortals.
Asharon's Flamebow - Red Jade - CrownedSun 
Legendary fire bow that causes extra fire damage.
Avalanche Fist - Jade - ElectricPaladin 
Powerful smashfist and clinch enhancer.
Blades of the Sky - Moonsilver, Orichalcum, Starmetal - Tardach 
Daiklaive OR Sword Breaker of ownage that incorporates multiple material bonuses at lowered attunement costs. .
Blood of the Ascendant - Red Jade - Mailanka 
Grand daiklave that grants bonuses dependent on the wielder's reputation.
Boundless Harvest - Green Jade - SolVachel 
Jade Daiklave with a minor boost to healing.
Clenched Fist of the Dragons Might - Red Jade - Eldmar 
A short daiklave used as part of a pair, for use with Fire Dragon Style Martial Arts.
Cobra - Orichalcum - Terk 
A snake-styled daiklave.
Cold Flame Dagger - Not Applicable - MelWong 
A demon-forged artifact dagger inspired by a panel from Books of Magic, featuring John Constantine.
Dragons Maw personal sidearm - Any - Jtest 
A Pistol that can make it's own ammo.
Dragon Blades - Typically Jade - Haku 
Daiklaves fused with a plasma tongue repeater. Firey attacks for range, and a swift blade for close combat.
Dragon Blades - Typically Jade - Haku 
Daiklaves fused with a plasma tongue repeater. Firey attacks for range, and a swift blade for close combat. Converted to 2nd Edition.
The Duelling Staff - Jade - Moxiane 
When used in a duel, turns all lethal damage to bashing damage and limits the mass destructive power of charms and sorcery.
(Element)'s Klaive - Any Jade - CrownedSun 
Fighting knives made out of jade that have additional powers depending on the type of jade used.
Eminence - Orichalcum 
A powerful reaper daiklave.
Endlessly Flowing River - Moonsilver - Arafelis 
Damaging sword.
Essence Reaping Scythe - Black Jade - Telgar 
Scythe that has the power to 'cut' through charms, destroying them.
Forever - Orichalcum - Teflonshugenja 
A blade of virtuous kings.
Genesis Fang - Soulsteel or Orichalcum - DarkPhoenix 
A fairly mundane dagger, with a fairly.. superior power; useable by mortals.
Glimmer of Ten Thousand Tears - Orichalcum - Telgar 
Chakram that doubles as a hair band, adding to the wearer's natural presence; returns to the hand after being thrown.
Glorious Rope Gauntlets - Any Material - Insanewizard  
Powerful rope gauntlets that reflect the power of the user.
Golden Rain - Orichalcum - Hui 
Shuriken that separates into three shuriken when thrown.
Grasping Frost Talons - Any but Orichalchum - Scrollreader 
Razor Claws with the power to freeze water solid, and hamper their opponnent.
Gauntlets of Colossal Power - Any - Han'ya 
Gloves that amplify your strength. Alot.
Gentle Release - Soulsteel - Malikai 
War Axe
Hair of Luna - Moonsilver - IFoundSquirrels 
Sneaky longbow that fires arrows formed out of its moonsilver string.
Hamlin's Rapier Wit - Moonsilver - Jarons20 
Sword that grows stronger in the hands of a performer.
Hazard's Teeth - Starmetal - Haren 
Strange blade that changes its target number and difficulties to hit as long as the user keeps successfully striking.
The Hexblade - Starmetal - Telgar 
Daiklave that strikes anyone it wounds with penalites to their rolls; also doubles their wound penalties.
Hunter Skycutter - Any - BrilliantRain 
Boomerang sword.
Hyperion Sphere - Any - Moxiane 
Spherical weapon that can be thrown or kicked at enemies; its special effects depend on the magic material used.
Judgement's Ruin - Orichalcum - FrivYeti 
A corrupted and bloodthirsty sword.
Kachisanmonji - Orichalcum - BrilliantRain 
Quickdrawing blade.
Konpeito/TheLanceOfLonginus - Any - Konpeito 
A really big javelin.
Left Hand of the Void - Jade / Soulsteel - Ashande 
Gauntlet that offers many powers related to the underworld.
The Light Of Justice - Orichalcum - FrivYeti 
A powerbow built for fighting evil.
Mela's Daydream - Jade - AntiVehicleRocket 
Wind-fire wheels that attune easily.
Moiji - Orichalcum or Jade - Darloth 
Spear-bound Ripplecrest Dragon, kindof artifact 6, actually. (spear is art 3, dragon is familiar 3)
Obsidian Blade of the Night's Edge - None - Fifth 
Easily hideable swords that will always do at least one lethal damage when they hit.
Orb Of Heavenly Passage - Any - DeathBySurfeit 
Solid metal spheres on hair-thin wires, coming in five sumptuous flavours for all you wannabe monowire freaks.
The Pillar Of The Sun - Orichalcum - FrivYeti 
The ultimate incarnation of virtue in a weapon.
Pinion Razor - Orichalcum - Andrix 
Reaper Daiklave that appears to be in multiple places at once.
Righteous Sceptre - Orichalcum - Seraph 
Goremaul that focus Dawn and Zenith castes' anima powers, and also has powers against creatures of darkness.
Rose's Thorn - Orichalcum - BronzeTiger 
A reaper Daiklave known for its beauty and its ability to enrapture enemies even while on the field.
Sculpted Unity - Moonsilver - IFoundSquirrels 
Immensely malleable and yet yearning for wholeness.
Siege Smashfist - Any - FrivYeti 
When you really need to break a wall.
Silk And Shadow Fan - Orichalcum - RoninKitty 
A thief's weapon.
Silver Fang - Moonsilver - EndlessChase 
Blade that splashes acid when it strikes, destroying armour and poisoning enemies when it hits flesh.
Soulbiter - Soulsteel - Darzoni 
Smashfist with hearthstone sockets.
Sun-And-Iron Orbit Bound - Orichalcum - TheHoverpope 
A flail that allows you to attack at range and aids in disarming.
Surety - Orihalcum (mostly)- Ambisinister 
Duelist's trusty daiklave.
Tenebrous Kiss - Soulsteel - Moxiane 
Reaver daiklave with the power of shadow; can make barriers, increase damage rolled, and affect opponent's ability to parry.
Thirsting Blade - Moonsilver or Soulsteel - EndlessChase 
Blade that stores the spilt blood of its victim and preserves it.
Torturous Knives of Cecylene - Vitrioline (non-canon) or Soulsteel - Trithne 
Razor claws that weaken the opponent physically.
Trident of the Soul's Depths - Jade - TheMyriadOfShades 
Trident that can disrupt ongoing essence effects and channel the essence back to the wielder.
True Path Kunai - Moonsilver - EndlessChase 
Four knives that can grant parrying bonuses when used; can be thrown all at once with no penalties.
Twilight Venom Echo - Orichalcum - BronzeTiger 
A reaper Daiklave that inflicts a terrible poison upon its foe .
Vajrakira - Any - Falcon 
A clumsy ritual dagger with demon-transfixing powers.
Verdant Sower of the Seeds of Retribution - Green Jade - Falcon 
A living weapon that can sow extra soldiers if you feel outnumbered.
Viridian Sunset - Starmetal - Translucidity 
Fated daiklave that can halve all attempts to dodge and parry its attacks.
Void Focus - Soulsteel - Scrollreader 
A lens to focus the blasts of death essence Abyssals use.
Voracious Ember Axe -Variable 
Fan the flames of death within this weapon and destroy your foes.
Water's Edge - Orichalcum And Jade - Teflonshugenja 
A weapon of the seas.