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The Light of Justice

Orichalcum Long Powerbow, Artifact 3, Commitment 7

Combat Stats: Speed: 6, Accuracy: +1, Damage: +3L and special, Rate: 3, Range: 350, Tags: B, 2

In the height of the First Age, there was a Solar archer by the name of Hashami Venn. Venn was wracked with guilt whenever she killed, imagining that those she had slain might be honest, kind individuals who supported families. Her fears gave birth to nightmares in which she murdered innocent towns, only to drown in their blood. In an effort to quell her worries, her friend Shogar created for her a bow that could not possibly slay a true innocent. Sadly, his efforts were not sufficient, and she began to doubt even the bow's capabilities. When the Usurpation came, she was too wracked with guilt to fight, and begged to be slain; her gleaming golden bow was never found.

At first glance, this bow appears to be an ordinary powerbow. Its face is carved with a single long, coiling strand, into which is laid white jade for truth. The Light of Justice also has settings for a single hearthstone, in its centre, from which each coiling strand emerges. When it is drawn, the lines glow a soft white.

The bow's effect alter depending on the Compassion of the person that they target. Against an enemy with Compassion 1, the bow deals an extra +2L damage. Against an enemy with Compassion 0, the bow deals a total Str+Arrow+5A damage. However, the pure of heart are resistant to the bow. Any target with Compassion 3 converts all damage to Bashing before applying soak and gains +3B soak against the attack, and any target with Compassion 4+ is completely immune to anything fired from the bow. A character with Compassion 3 cannot be killed by the bow; damage past Incapacitated will not loop around to become Lethal.

Fair Folk, Demons, and other beings who operate under an alien form of Compassion are considered to have -1 Compassion for the purposes of this bow's effects.


You know, as nice as that is thematically and in theory...I'd never ever take that if I were a player. It's all very well never to want to kill the 'pure of heart' but when a Compassion 4, Conviction 5 badass comes at you with a Grimcleaver, you want to be able to kill him right back. - Telgar

Not if you're the reincarnation of the person who had this weapon created or someone like him, which I think is the entire point. It's pretty clearly a device for aiding plot rather than just a thing for killing people. - LeumasWhite

I've had players go so far as to refuse to kill Wyld Hunt Immaculates who were gunning for them, without knowing their exact Compassion. If your player is equally high-Compassion, duck and run may become the order of the day. Besides, it's a long powerbow that can potentially deal agg to fae and demons with low Compassion. Seems like a fair trade. - FrivYeti