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My real name is Mark Simmons. I am a religion major at Oberlin college, way out in the wilds of Ohio. I've been roleplaying more or less since my time in the womb, but Exalted is the first game to really impress me enough to say it is my favorite above all other games, though White Wolf's Mage comes a close second, and D&D will always have a special place in my heart.

So, this place rocks. I hope you all enjoy my material as much as I've enjoyed yours

Despam Tally: 6


* Artifacts
* Characters
* House Rules


Feel free to edit this bit as much as you like. If you want to contact me, comment on some of my creations, flame me whithin an inch of my life, or anything else, this is the place for it. There's no gaurantee I'll leave what you write here, especially if you're flaming me, but I'll read it!

I think you might like some of my friend Katrinka's merchandise on her cafe press shop. The gamer girl quote that you posted reminded me of a couple of her items. - Malikai

You said to post here when I'm back and I am officially back. Then again, I bet I'll get really busy next week *grin* Ah well. I'll check eventually!
-- Darloth

So, are religion majors allowed to smoke pot? Or do you have to go out into the Hallways and get it second hand? =P -MeiRen