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Hello and welcome! Now that this is in the "pages with content" section of the Wiki, I should probably give a more complete introduction, but I'm not entirely sure what introduction there is to give. I'm a big Exalted fan and am swiftly learning this whole "wiki" thing; like most gamers, I enjoy rambling about my games and ideas, so here's my stuff.

My Campaign(s)

Right now I'm only running one game, an online freeform casual IRC room set in the Exalted universe. I got a Wiki UserPage just to host its writeup -- the #Creation FAQ. Not exciting stuff for anyone not in the game, but hey.

There's also now a tentative page for my soon-to-begin tabletop game, Hazy Shade of Winters, which I fully expect to be pretty explosively bizarre. Not much there right now, but there will eventually be character sheets and synopses.


Here's the really rambly, self-indulgent part of this page: the writeup for Blood River Running, a.k.a. Ainan Sosostren, my current tabletop PC. He's a Changing Moon Lunar involved in an ongoing desperate attempt to save Creation. (Dull surprise, huh?) His character sheet is up now, but the full backstory/campaign rambles are still forthcoming.

Also, I have some random, thus-far-unplayed character builds -- only two so far, but there'll likely be more forthcoming:

  • Kep-tah Standing Stone, Full Moon Lunar with a peaceful disposition and an incredible capacity for taking pain
  • Ledaal Lazar, a skilled sorcerer but lesser light of the Dynast social scene

Also, I do like challenges, so here are the results thus far:

Critters and Antagonists and Plot-Shaped Content, Oh My!

This is where I keep everything that isn't a character build, basically. It's various strange ideas rolled into one section.

First of all, I have a few custom DeathLords that I feel like sharing with the masses:

Note: His writeup might be a while, as my inner critic has declared Dust and Ash to be "Bodhisattva in a funny hat"; thus, he's going back to the drawing board. Mea culpa.

Other chunks of random:

OOC Boringness

  • AntiVehicleRocket/AboutMe is just your typical bio page, for those who feel a driving need to know more about the story, the myth, the mystery that is "Anti-Vehicle Rocket." This also includes my ramblings about the Exalted universe and wiki design.
  • AntiVehicleRocket/PetPeeves is my obligatory page of irritations I have with the system. Most of these are related to E:L, since playing a Lunar PC has given me a new awareness of all the strange design choices of that particular splat.

A few random shout-outs to my peeps:

  • Will has content up now! Hooray!
  • Ben-San has no content yet but is also awesome.
  • Tiffa is also very rad, but I can't think of a good blurb for him.
  • DarkheartOne is fierce and mysterious. YES.


09 October 2004 -- Quasi-new content added as I link to MartialArts/JudiciousRevenantStyle. Whee! I blame Will.

05 October 2004 -- Yes, I know, great dormancy... I blame college, personally. Anyway, lightly editedAntiVehicleRocket/AboutMe and addedAntiVehicleRocket/HazyShadeOfWinters as a shell page.

29 August 2004 -- Ye gods, content! I got crazy, wrote the beginning of an Abyssal Charm tree, and linked to it here. My life is excitement.

25 August 2004 -- the beginning of the actual "changelog" section. The page is reorganized and made prettier as I attempt to get it ready for prime time.

Comments and Discussion

Wow, how in the heck did I forget this? Ah, well. I'm still getting this place into shape, but enjoy what's here, and feel free to bug me. -- AVR