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The Hoverpope!

What am I doing here?

The boy asked him if the advice then which the sepulturero had given to the girl in the church had been false advice but the blind man said that the sepulturero had advised according to his lights and should not be faulted. Such men even took it upon themselves to advise the dead. Or to commend them to god once priest and friends and children all have gone to their houses. He said that the sepulturero might presume to speak of a darkness of which he had no knowledge, for had he such knowledge he could not then be a sepulturero. When the boy asked him if this knowledge were a special knowledge only to the blind the blind man said that it was not. He said that most men were in their lives like the carpenter whose work went so slowly for the dullness of his tools that he had not the time to sharpen them.

- Cormac Mccarthy, The Crossing.

Running projects

The Hoverpope's CommissionTheHoverpope/Theatre - Thanks to Ambisinister for the idea, always awaiting requests.
TheHoverpope/CasteBookFullMoon - My current project

New Content

TheHoverpope/Demons - 22 first circle, 31 second circle, 29 Third Circle, 7 yozi.
TheHoverpope/Characters - a few solars, a few DBs
TheHoverpope/Artifacts - 46 total artifacts, mostly weapons
TheHoverpope/Manse - Five manses, six hearthstones, one demesne
TheHoverpope/MeritsAndFlaws - What that says
TheHoverpope/Charms - Piles of solar charms, some spirit charms, 7 CMA trees
TheHoverpope/Diseases - Three second circle, two third circle
TheHoverpope/Mutations - Wyld, Demesne, you name it


TheHoverpope/StrengthTables The exalted strength tables are wrong. flat wrong. I am trying to fix them.
TheHoverpope/ThrownWeapons - a really, really rough system for improvised - and otherwise - thrown weapons.BR>


I'm apparently an unreliable storyteller.TheHoverpope/Sreneca
A new tabletop game set in the Denzik in the west -TheHoverpope/ThickerThanWater


I am writing another age of badness for Creation. Sassy!TheHoverpope/AgeOfLesserSouls


TheHoverpope/MeandmyYozi, the backstory of Aja
TheTheHoverpope/Tama index
TheHoverpope/TheLoom, a new project


TheHoverpope/ATaleOfTwoWikis - the problems and merits of the official wiki
TheHoverpope/WikiPrescription - Constructive criticism
TheHoverpope/OneMoreRound - problems with the response
TheHoverpope/WhyIAmHere - Why I'm back.
TheHoverpope/Favorites - as it says
TheHoverpope/InspirationandRecommendations - you don't really care.

Comments and Nearly Instant Messages

Glad to see you're back, Hoverpope - we've missed you. Mind if I ask what your thoughts on the WW Wiki were? I personally found their peer-review process a bit weak, with a seeming lack of community my biggest problem. What about you? -- GreenLantern

Well, there're some good reasons I switched back - I'll probably explain shortly. For reals! - The pope

I loved your stuff on the other wiki. You were actually a bit of my inspiration to try the wiki thing -- Mizery

Thank you! That's just about the highest praise I've ever heard. Nothing better getting people interested and involved. - TheHoverpope

Just wanted to say that I loved the Loom...I need more...soon. - BlackFlame

Well, thanks! There's certainly more coming. I've got a whole long story arc planned and such. - TheHoverpope

I really like a lot of your demon materials and wish you were still active on the Exalted Wiki. It would be great to have someone really active in helping out with the Infernal Heroes Project over there. - Bodhisattva

Sorry, Bodhisattva. As much as I really would love to help out, and really like your project, I am never going back there ever ever again. And if I see Conrad in the street, I will tell him that I think he is mean. I'm glad you like my stuff, and anything I post here you're more than welcome to use - but I'm not going to put anything on that wiki under any circumstances. Unless they get me to write Roll of Glorious Divinities II: Bad dudes. And even then it would be tricky. - TheHoverpope
And it's a good thing you did too: cause that whole site is poof! --Survival is Niffty! 19:26, 22 May 2014 (UTC)

Hey, I'm new here and was wondering if you'd be willing to take some time out to answer questions about Lightning in the Mountains Style (which is amazing by the way). I'm hoping this is the right place to talk to you. - Deep6er

Sure, I'd be glad to help. What can I do for you? - TheHoverpope

Never really bothered much with the official wiki, not even to lurk. It's neat to see stuff from you again.- Ambisinister, Stirring from the sedentary depths.