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Custom Creations

Hello all, My name is Terk. I have been running my campaign for a little over 6 months now. I have a cornicopia of stuff that will eventually make it onto this page. Since I can't think of anything else to put here...it'll wait until a later time ^_^. I will spend time very soon to figure out where to put these things, so that they are filed correctly with the others in their appropriate sections.


Level Three

Cobra ~ A weapon that was forged for a mighty Solar martial artist, allowing free weapon wielding with Snake Style.


Solar ~ The special gifts given by the big US.


Solar ~ Hearthstones for the real Princes of Creation.


Terk, just a formatting thing. It's SolarCharms/Terk and SolarPresence/Terk, not viceversa. Stuff looks decent, but form matters! - Telgar

Thank you. And fixed. ~ Terk

Don't forget to leave a link on the SolarPresence page so people looking at SolarPresence can see you. - Telgar