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OrigamiFox / Translucidity's page of Nothing in Particular

There isn't a whole lot here, but it has been repeatedly foretold that one day there shall come a time when there is. At least it's a little more cleaned-up than it used to be. Anyone who has any thoughts or suggestions, comment away, for I am always grateful for others' input. Yup. Me likes feedback. Makes me feel all warm and paid-attention-to. ;)

Personal info

Real name is Ross. Also go by handles 'Jah', 'sockfaerie' and 'OrigamiFox' in a variety of other locales. 21-year-old English layabout by trade. Ran Exalted online for over a year, recently stopped doing so. Still GMing a face to face game of it, however. Finds having his pages edited by anonymous morons great fun, as it enriches the Wiki no end.

Latest update

OrigamiFox/Hasan is the first, vague draft of a character idea for Ikselam's game proposal.

Other Wikified Stuff

Artifacts - thus far, only a single fancy daiklaive. I'm sure one day I'll write up some more of my notes, though.

Various demons - there are a few of mine scattered through there, and I mean to add more. Eventually.

BrokenCircles - my FTF campaign; a not-quite-perfect circle of four Solars and an Abyssal having a few troubles with Yozi cults, Ligier, and a first age Infernal Chosen of Thari named Sapphire Lament. In need of updating, but such is the trouble with keeping two different sets of notes online in different places.

Outside links

My OrigamiFox livejournal - no personal information whatsoever, just snippets of my writing (you know, like Hitherby Dragons but updated less, and without a deeper meaning hidden within everything)

Hitherby Dragons - is too groovy to miss. Everyone should read it. All the time. Go now, or a dancing pope army may be unleashed upon the world!

[http:/ Dreamlyrics] is where I used to run online, and I still game there, though not so much these days. Needs an injection of 'new blood' really, so if you fancy play-by-post gaming with an established bunch of really nice people (mostly refugees from Compuserve's RPGames forum), and can handle a small membership fee, go run Exalted there. I can promise at least one devoted player ;)


What does 'blatherskite' mean exactly?  :) - Quendalon

'A noisy talker of blatant rubbish' is the general definition, I believe. The word's of Scottish origin as far as I'm aware, and like most odd words, I'm quite fond of it ;)

My apologies for not answering sooner, but I haven't been back here in a while. Still, mayhap while I'm here I might finally get around to some spring cleaning and tidy up and reorganise things. - Translucidity

I'm seeking permission to use some of your work in an artifacts book. Please check it out. - Wordman