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Hello all! Welcome to my page. I am a GM from several other games and am just really starting to get into exalted. These submissions are to help me get a feel for the game through you more than anything else. I have broken my submissions into categories and then they are entered (from top to bottom) oldest to newest not alphabetical. (This is more for my own benefit so I can see how I progress in my understanding)

Here are my Submissions to ExaltedWiki

Martial Arts~

 * Sun Dragon Style - A high powered solar martial art. Actually three ma styles in one. This style was created
in corraboration with Savare, he is my GM.
 * River of Time Style - A MA style based on manipulating Time itself.
 * Flowing Gun Kata - A MA style based on using guns in hand to hand combat.
 * Righteous Hawk Style - A MA based on the swooping movements of a Hawk.
 * Flawless Ninja Style - A MA based on perfecting the fundamentals of being a ninja.
 * Opportunistic Warrior Style - A MA for those Jackie Chan enthusiasts out there.
 * Unification of Technique Style - A MA based on becoming one with everything.


 * Incremental Artifacts - A new way to create artifacts.
 * Exalted Online Roleplaying Game - An wish of mine.


 * Kenji "Leaping Warrior of the Heavens" Akita - An elitist Zenith class who thinks he is better than other exalted.
 * Infernal Circle - A circle of infernals that I am fleshing out for use in a campaign.


 * Glorious Rope Gauntlets - A pair of gauntlets designed to work with a PC's exalted class.
 * Resplendent Tunic of Immaculate Protection - A tunic compatible with any martial arts due to near weightlessness and flexibility.

Hearth Stones~

 * The Stone of Fiery Sunlight - A hearthstone bringing forth the mighty power of the sun upon his enemies.



I've written at least one Infernal hearthstone and I think there are some in the HearthstoneRelay. - Telgar