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Level 3

Wrappings of the Serpent

Often worn by those who practice the Ghost Dragon Style, the Wrappings are made from the skin of shadow worms. Shadow worms are death-touched serpents from Shadowlands in the southeast, vast snakes nearly a hundred paces in length and as wide as a full grown man is tall. The powers of the beast lives on in its leathery hide and, aided by alchemical treatments and potent enchantments, is lent to the wearer. The Wrappings allow their owner to regenerate Essence at the normal rate in the Underworld and Creation, no matter their nature. They also confer a bit of the shadow worm's sinewy strength and flexibility, increasing the character's Strength and Dexterity by 1 each. These additions cannot improve the character beyond their normal Attribute limits. Wrappings of the Serpent are not considered armor despite adding soak.
Wrappings of the Serpent : Soak (8/10) | Fatigue 0 | Mobility -0 | Committment 5 motes

Chameleon's Scales

Tattoos of Moonsilver and Green Jade that cover much of their owner's torso and some of his face with scale-like patterns arranged in sinuous spirals. Somewhere in the design the outline or image of a chameleon must be present. The web of Moonsilver and Jade work together to allow the character to bind to himself a tangible illusion which can take on the appearance of any mostly-human being of the same sex as the character. The illusion can not be penetrated without magic at all and gives four automatic successes against magical attempts to see through it. The bonus does not apply to attempts to pass oneself off as another person to those who know that person.
The Scales have another purpose; they can turn the character into a completely nondescript person that seems to fit in anywhere. This function adds 4 dice to all Stealth rolls where blending in would possibly be of assistance.
The Chameleon's Scales commit for 4 motes of Essence or reduce the character's hourly Essence regeneration by 2 motes.

Jolly Maiden Ring

Crafted into the visage of a raging beast holding in its mouth a pure and perfect moonstone carved into the likeness of a laughing human face, these rings are easily recognizable and their function easily deduced. The moonsilver of the band can shift slightly to allow the moonstone to be removed, revealing a compartment behind its setting. If a few drops of blood are mixed with powdered butterfly wings and ashes of the finest silk is placed into the compartment, the ring's power is awoken. Anyone putting on the ring while the mixture is fresh can transform themselves into whatever being's blood was placed into the ring. Only blood from living beings can be used to power the ring and the blood-mixture will only last for a single month before becoming useless.
The bond created between the being whose blood is used in the ring and the one using the ring to transform himself is powerful and dangerous. Should any physical harm be inflicted upon the blood donor, it will be transfered instantly and unavoidably to the transformed character.

Alabaster Sphere Guardian

Mechanical automata in the form of vast white spheres that act as guardians and warriors.

Train of Dragon's Light

A small item used to travel the Dragon-Lines between Manses of the same Aspect very quickly.

Travel Fish

A piscine automata that swallows its passengers and swims them safely to their destination in its belly.

Tradewind Runner Airship

A convertable ship which can travel upon the waves and through the sky.

Ice Spitter

Used primarily in the North and West, Ice Spitters are ranged weapons that often take the form of fish, serpents or dragons. Air is drawn into a chamber constructed of Blue Jade from the creature's gills and placed under intense pressure. When the Ice Spitter is triggered, the air rushes through a resorvoir full of whatever liquid the owner chooses to fill it with. A small amount of the liquid is frozen and propelled out of the Ice Spitter in the form of a high-speed ice needle. These needles have the normal properties of whatever liquid was used to make them as well as inflicting painful wounds when they strike.
Ice Spitter : Acc +3 | Damage +2L P | Rate 4 | Range 30 | Committment 4

Lithic Scarab

Though the actual form of this Artifact is meaningless they were most often made of White Jade and crafted in the shape of small stone scarabs. A Lithic Scarab is ingested or it can be partially or wholly inserted into the body of its owner. Once in place the Scarab can be activated by a reflexive willpower roll. Botching the roll inflicts 1 lethal health level of damage. If the roll is successful the Scarab transforms its owner's flesh into living White Jade. This quadruples the owner's natural soak and halves all pre-soak Bashing damage. Having flesh of White Jade provides some protection against the Wyld, making the wearer proof against Wyld transmutation and mutation. Using a Scarab does not make a character any heavier or less mobile, the Jade skin is supple and light despite all the protection it offers.
Lithic Scarabs can be left active at all times, but is more common to swallow or otherwise attach the Scarab to the body and activate it only when threatened. The Scarab only requires motes to be commited to it while it is active.
Lithic Scarab : Committment 5 motes

Eidolon Duds

Flowing silver-grey robes woven from shadows and spider-silk, the Eidolon Duds are fairly rare. Favored by the sneaky at heart and the cowardly, Eidolon Duds are more then just a fashion statement. The Eidolon Duds offer a +2 dice bonus to all Stealth rolls. A character wearing the Duds can become immaterial for short periods of time. Using the ability to become immaterial requires the expenditure of 5 motes and lasts for five turns. While immaterial a character is also invisible, adding an additional +2 Stealth dice. Despite offering soak, the Duds are not armor.
Eidolon Duds : Soak (2/3) | Fatigue 0 | Mobility -0 | Committment 5 motes

Essence-Reaping Scythe, Black Jade Artifact

A cut from this weapon can slice through Charms and Spells as well as armor and flesh. The ability to ‘cut’ a Charm or Spell can be activated reflexively, but doing so takes an action. In order to successfully destroy a Charm or Spell, the weilder makes a normal Dexterity + Melee attack against the caster of the Charm or Spell being targeted. The character need only to see the target, not be in melee range. The target is allowed to dodge, parry or otherwise defend. Charm-cutting attacks do no damage.
If the attack succeeds, then a number of motes equal to the Minimum Essence of the targeted Charm or Spell are spent. The character then engages in a resisted Strength + Occult roll with the target. If the character wins, the Spell or Charm is destroyed. If the opponent wins, the Charm or Spell proceeds normally. Only Spells of the Terrestrial Circle, which are treated as Essence 3 Charms, and Charms with a Minimum Essence of 3 or lower can be destroyed with the Scythe’s power.
Essence Reaping Scythe : Damage +6L | Accuracy +3 | Defense +2 | Speed 7 | Rate 1 | Committment 6


Once the weapon of a Saturn Caste necromancer from the First Age, the Hexblade was forged from the iron recovered from a meteor crater within one of the largest Southern Shadowlands, the Bayou of Regret. After studying the dark powers of the Hexblade, it was thought that the Starmetal was tainted by its long stint in the Shadowland. Hexblade's cursing powers subtracts 2 dice from the opponent's dice pools for the duration of combat once it has drawn blood. If used against inanimate targets, the Hexblade's entropic powers induces massive decay and delapidation, doubling damage.
The cursed Starmetal of the blade does not guide the fate of strikes, rather it bites into the pattern of the person struck. Wound penalties inflicted by the Hexblade are doubled. These additional penalties represent bad luck instead of pain or impairment from the wounds themselves.
Hexblade costs 6 motes to attune. The Hexblade uses normal Daiklave statistics, but lacks the Starmetal +2 to damage. The wound penalty power replaces it as the Starmetal bonus.

Glimmer of Ten Thousand Tears

The Glimmer is a bright circle of golden Orichalcum, forged in the First Age by Tissendra the Vain. The chakrum doubles as a hair band, its magical powers even extending to that function. While wearing glimmer on her head the wearer seems more impressive and her words ring with power, giving +2 to Socialize and +1 to Presence. In battle, Glimmer is a deadly ally. She will always return to the hand that launched her, even flicking through Elsewhere to get back.
Glimmer : Damage +4L | Accuracy +5 | Defense +0 | Speed +2 | Range 60 | Rate Infinite | Committment 6

Mountain Prison Shackles

A simple set of manacles carved into an intricate pattern that will give anyone looking too long a headache. The patterns shift slightly to match the Essence flowing through them or through the person they are sealed on. If the person they are attached to attempts to channel any amount of Essence, the shackles glow brilliantly and inflict one unsoakable health level of bashing damage on the channeler. They also nullify the channeling of Essence. This means that anyone imprisoned by the shackles is unable to activate any abilities requiring expenditure of Essence for as long as they are on. The shackles are, however, no more durable then normal iron equivilants and have the added vulnurability that if the carvings are defaced, their essence-suppression ceases to function. Mountain Prison Shackles automatically force their wearer to commit 2 motes to them, which keeps them locked on. The shackles have 15 health levels and 10 soak.

Neckalce of Dreams

Companion in purpose to the Mountain Prison Shackles, the Necklace of Dreams is a solid ring of White Jade that encircles the neck of the prisoner without a break. Only by expending 1 mote and 1 willpower can the collar be opened. These motes must be spent by someone holding a special artifact key, a 1 dot Artifact. There is one key per necklace. As with the Mountain Prison Shackles, the Necklace forces a 2 mote committment by the wearer. For as long as the Necklace of Dreams is in place, the prisoner is placed in a deep sleep and remains unable to wake until the collar is removed. Nothing short of Celestial Circle Sorcery can wake the subject while the collar is in place. The necklace has 8 health levels and 10 soak.

Osseous Shroud

Named for its effects, not its appearance, the Osseous Shroud is in fact a simple ovoid of Soulsteel, about the size of a man's eye, that can be worn on any part of the user's body. When attuned, the oval causes a painful transformation that liquifies the user's bones and causes them to flow to the exterior of the user's body, where they re-solidify into a dense but supple exoskeleton. This provides excellent protection and far-increased mobility to the user.
While the Shroud is activated the user enjoys a bonus to Dexterity equal to one half their Stamina. It should be noted that this armor is quite fearsome in appearance and removes two dice from all attempts at peaceful and friendly interaction with those not used to such things. Tattooed Lunar Exalted are unable to use this Artifact; it is a form of external shapeshifting.
Osseous Shroud : Soak (X/X) X = Wearer's Stamina x2 | Fatigue 0 | Mobility -0 | Committment 10 motes

Cage of Silk and Sand

The two most common symbols of time itself are sand and silk, from the hourglass so commonly used to measure time and from the Loom of Fate, which determines the patern which time takes. Within this fist-sized cage of Starmetal and Black Jade, ribbons of glittering sand writhe in an eternal and impossible dance. They are strands of time, captured and awaiting use. Sorcerers use this captured time to speed their casting in battle, often setting aside days or weeks of their lives for upcoming battles of great importance.
Experiance points can be stored inside the Cage in order to allow a sorcerer holding it to cast one spell instnatly, with no preperation. 2 points of Experiance are required per Circle of the spell. Only Experiance provided by the caster of the spell has any effect and the Cage can only hold Experiance from one person at a time. Other then being cast instantly, the spell is unaffected. It requires all normal costs and conditions, it simply does not require turns of shaping.

Coherancy Matrix

A tiny five-sided pyramid of Jade, the Matrix is a device to aid Dragon-Blooded sorcerers in casting of powerful spells. Often used in conjunction with CollectiveSorcery, the Matrix is made of all five Colors of Jade, each face being a different color. It will float in the air before a sorcerer who is shaping a spell and allow him to be empowered by his allies. Up to four other Exalted may spend motes to help pay for the spell being cast, each paying up to his Occult in motes. The only limitation on how many motes can be spent by those helping the sorcerer is that the total must be less then half the cost of the spell. If at least half the motes for the spell, and all Willpower or Health levels, do not come from the sorcerer, the spell explodes as if the casting had been interrupted.