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I have been involved in Exalted for a long while both playing in a Solars game and running a Dragon Blooded Game. I am new to Wiki though and to the Web in general so it may take a while to get a decent page here. If anyone has suggestions and tips please feel free to post them. I intend to put up character sheets and custom charms / spells as i get the hang of how to do these things.


Off Wiki Links

| Gaia Dream Creator : creates interesting images of your characters.


Welcome to the wiki and here's the basic speech for newbies. Look around for tips on how to properly format and link your content. Things that belong in big categories (artifacts, charms, spells, etc) go under the area first, then author. So it should be Artifacts/Eldmar instead of Eldmar/Artifacts. Also, each spell should not be a top-level page, but rather Sorcery/SpellName or whatever. Just flicking through some pre-existing pages will show you how its done! Have fun and all. - Telgar

Thanks I will remember that for the future. Eldmar