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Level 3 Artifacts

Adornment of the Living Artifact-Turn your very body into a device of divine wonder!

Fusillade Armor-Facilitating the use of Implosion Bows since the First Age.

Geomantic Regalia-Inspirational jewelry that draws upon the power of dragon lines.

Harmonic Disrupter-An insidious device which can disrupt a target's attunements and disorient him.

Life Binding Needles-Cheat death with these cleverly wrought needles.

Martyr's Mantle-Eases the burdens of others with your own suffering.

Ring of Exacerbated Fortune-It takes your luck to the extreme!.

Surety-The trusted blade of an ancient duelist.

Surreptitious Shroud-A covering chosen by those who wish to be discrete in their actions.

Temple's Clarion-A malfean blade made of Adjoran's winds.

Temple's Creed-"A set of defensive bracers built by a Yozi for her favored servant."

Temple's Rosary-An invigorating beaded necklace, crafted by a Yozi for her favored servant.

Voracious Ember Axe-Fan the flames of death within this weapon and destroy your foes.