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My name is Mark Simmons, a religious school teacher and Borders bookslave living in Mountain View, California. I'm a fan of Exalted, and a prolific Exalted-things creator.

I used to be called Seraph. I'm not anymore.



These people are cool. Check out their stuff.


These things are cool. Check them out.


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Use this area as your message board. If you have anything to say to me, say it here.

Why are all the new pages named funny, with underscores and such? Wouldn't they make more sense as subpages to your userpage?
-- Darloth

WikiWords are, I believe, preferred for links. You can make a WikiWord link look nice by putting it in brackets, like so: [[BestPractices | Best Practices]]. It's also easier to sort through things if you make your content pages subordinate to your main page, a la ElectricPaladin/Artifacts and so on. - David.

I'll try to keep things clean. Thanks for the advice. Keep me posted on how I'm doing. Also, is there any way to get rid of pages that I do wrong, or the pages my old stuff is on, now that I'm reformatting and trying to make it a bit neater.
Yes, please do use subpages such as ElectricPaladin/Artifacts. As for "bad" pages they can't be deleted but you can just leave them blank. - Telgar
OK, is there anyway to make a subpage look good? - ElectricPaladin

Artifacts if that's what you mean. And you can use a title bar to put whatever title you want on the top of a page. - Telgar

      • Just did a little tidying up with your subpage names for you. Eldmar