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Crazy Rock Candy Loving Twilight Geekboy

23/m/WA, <3s: Anime, Exalted, Mage, nMage, KotE, and suchlike.

Ongoing Games

Currently Playing in

  • Westgame, as Cynis Belar Yodoko.
  • Butterscotch Exalted, as Dream of Tomorrow.
  • Burning the Shadows, as Nightengale.
  • Adminsgame, as MurdocRedux
  • <bKonpeito/AkinoShika</b>, Voice of the Moonlight Night
    • Waxing Moon Doe-totem geisha
  • <bKonpeito/Rukhsara</b>, She Who Watches And Knows.
    • Second Edition Lunars Patch test-case and all purpose No Moon Lore Ninja.

Currently Running

  • Nothing ;_;

Characters that I am not currently playing

  • Lament of Unwilling Compromise
    • Moonshadow Caste Abyssal Diplomat and Apostle of Death in General.
  • <bKonpeito/CynisBelarAramia</b>
    • Fire-aspect Dragon-Blooded Martial Artist, Drunkard, and Sex Monster.
  • <bKonpeito/Murdoc</b>
    • Crazy-go-nuts old dude Twilight. With complications.
  • <bKonpeito/IselsiRasuna</b>, Immaculate Monk.
    • Superpious Immaculate who has NO IDEA she is a member of a disgraced House.
  • <bKonpeito/MayhirosKanti</b>, Marukani Eclipse.
    • Self-exiled Marukani social engineer and spear-bastard.
  • <bKonpeito/Zazorna</b>, Full Moon Rabbit Totem Lunar.
    • Known to her friends as Zaza and known to her enemies as ZAZORNA THE UNSTOPPABLE.

Martial Arts

  • Konpeito/GatewayStyle MA (in progress)
    • House Ledaal needs a House Martial Art. What else would they base it on? :D
  • Konpeito/AzureDanceofMindsStyle (in progress)
    • A serious rethinking of an old Sidereal Martial Art concept I once had, based on music and representing creativity. Right now it's just the sutra and matching charm concepts.


  • Konpeito/TheMeanderingColossus - This is the definition of Manse N/A, I think. A giant manse that walks slowly all over the world on mile-long spider legs. Think Kingdom of Zeal from Chrono Trigger, but with legs and on methamphetamines.

Random Mechanics

  • Konpeito/AlternateLunarCastes - My random and probably ill-thought-out attempt to tie Lunar castes to animal archetypes. Archived for posterity, not for usefulness.
  • Konpeito/SecondEdLunarsNow - Because I love me some Lunars, but their 1e crunch sucks ass and 2e isn't out yet.
  • Konpeito/SecondEdSiderealsNow - A series of tubes...er...charm patches to make Sidereals playable in 2e! Also, musings on and an attempt at Astrological Combat!
Questions? Comments? Death Threats?

Love your Handle! 金平糖 Go rock-candy! ^__^ -Suzume (while eyeing the little bag she got as a souvenier...)