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Hello world!

I'm a college girl, studying botany and ecology. I began playing Exalted a few years ago, at the behest of a friend, and have since learned what RP can really be. I was such a deprived child, playing nothing but Dungeons and Dragons!

More recently, I've started developing original content. Again at the behest of a friend, I've decided to put it online. Thank you, Interested2.

Obviously, this page is a work in progress. I'll upload everything gradually. Formatting it all is a pain.



IFoundSquirrels/AdamantFern: A Twilight Caste Solar I've just "finished" developing for play in another friend's game. Motivations don't get a whole lot more epic than hers.
Since these stats were posted, she's grown quite a lot. More later.

IFoundSquirrels/SejzhaLikeTheBrook: A Changing Moon Lunar. The ermine totem fits her -- sleek, nimble in mind and body, and quite prepared to take your finger off if you poke her wrong.

IFoundSquirrels/AshlingTheron: A Night Caste Solar. Concept: treasure-hunter. Attitude: snarky.

IFoundSquirrels/ThousandHandsConvoy: The cult of Adamant Fern. Bedouins with sails, oars, and a floating island.


IFoundSquirrels/Stillbreeze: A Wood-aspected manse, First Age, Eastern. Treehouse twining vinelike up an enormous elm.

IFoundSquirrels/DragonArchOfKeialaMaya: A Shogunate-era manse, Air-aspected, Western. A crystal bridge over several reefs.

IFoundSquirrels/CragsothsHearth: They struck a deal with the volcano-god. He gets sacrifice -- they get orichalcum.

IFoundSquirrels/Colossi: This is what happens when Exalted geeks start looking closer at video games.


IFoundSquirrels/DefensiveArtifacts: Armor, but not just armor. Whatever you're defending against, there's an artifact to help.

IFoundSquirrels/OffensiveArtifacts: All manner of weaponry, and less obvious attacks.

IFoundSquirrels/CommunicationArtifacts: Wonders used for communicating and informing.

IFoundSquirrels/ToolArtifacts: Tools of creation and repair.

IFoundSquirrels/TravelArtifacts: For getting from point A to point B, faster than otherwise possible.

IFoundSquirrels/UtilityArtifacts: Other useful wonders for outside battle.

IFoundSquirrels/OtherArtifacts: Assorted oddities of magical worth... or not.



IFoundSquirrels/RaptureChelines: A scrap of animated desire in the shape of a bird.

Mundane Wonders

IFoundSquirrels/SignsOfThePuissantTraveller: Because sorcery is so much easier to learn with a good tutor.

IFoundSquirrels/SailingStone: You don't actually need magic to make an island float.


I foresee a beautiful friendship between you and FluffySquirrel.
~ Shataina

Hehehe, heya ^^ FluffySquirrel