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RoninKitty's Lair

Been a fan of exalted since the first time I saw the preview artwork and fluff text, not a lot of experience running or playing but learning very fast. This Wiki and is by far the best resource I've seen for any game, not just Exalted, and I can easily lose myself reading for hours at a time. Just goes to show what community spirit can do to support a shared pasttime :)


RoninKitty/Artifacts : Just one at the moment, the silk and shadow fan

Current campaigns

Currently running a DB outcaste game based in the south, but the PCs are on a whistle-stop tour of creation via the deus ex machina that is the plot, as it involves recovering a series of ancient artifacts that were hidden all over the place. Travel is courtesy of a level 5 air manse hearthstone owned by their mentor, which can send and recall them to various previously scryed locations. This is a 'first-time players' campaign, designed to show them all the cool and funky bits of the setting and get them used to the mechanics.

Also running a Solar campaign in the scavenger lands, springboarding from TO5C and headed towards nexus, with a view to using the city as a base of ops whilst visiting the surrounding areas, before a showdown in one of the local shadowlands. This is a 1 on 1 campaign between myself and my other half, in which we alternate storytelling and playing, weaving our stories together to create a quite unique experience. I thoroughly recommend it!

Comments Welcome of course

Not that there's much to comment on at the mo though ;)